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Thread: Custom scenary easier?

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    Lightbulb Custom scenary easier?

    This might be impossible, or stupid, but worth asking. I've heard horrid stories of people making custom scenary to recreate parks like Disney and somehow messed up there whole game or made their game lag like crazy.

    I love all aspects of the game but I like building and would love to recreate parks like Disney and universal. I haven't been going anywhere near downloading custom content though because of all the bad stories I've heard. Is there a way to make it easier in RTCW?

    This might have already been discussed somewhere else but I haven't seen it so I figured I'd post it and ask myself.

    I wish there was an option in the actual game, kind of like sandbox mode, but for custom content that'll be saved directly in the game, without any third party downloads or imports into the game.

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    Custom content in RCT3 doesn't mess up anyone's game. If they install it incorrectly it can, but that's not the fault of the CSO.

    Not all CSO is optimized for the game, nor is the game optimized for CSO. Lag can be caused just with in-game scenery if you place enough of it. It can also be caused by over-use of particle effects, excessively large texture files used, and not using LOD (levels of detail) for the model or textures. But most of all the game engine isn't optimized for today's computers, including the fact that EVERYTHING is rendered, even things you can't see or that are behind you.

    The 'bad stories' are often exaggerated. Someone installs a set wrong and then blames all CSO for the problems it causes. Or they try to build all of Disneyland on one bench with full details and then get frustrated when the game slows to a crawl.

    Take a look at sites like SGW and see what people are able to create with CSO, It works for them so that would reveal that a lot of people do NOT have problems with it.

    But I very much agree that it would be nice to have an easier way of standardizing CSO, both creating it and installing it. It would also be nice to share a common library of CSO in one spot for ease in downloading.
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    I know that, just didn't want to mess with it myself, don't know enough about it anyways.

    That's why I said I wish there was an easier in-game way to do it. It would also be cool to have a common share point too like you said, kind of like the way the sims 4 does it now. They have that in game thing where you can share your houses and families with people. That way you don't have to worry about downloading a bad CSO or having it ruin your game.

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    I know with rct3 I ended up with over 20 gigs total for the game and lots and lots of it was cs and with me i didnt get the game til about 5 years ago.I downloaded a few cs at that time and got frustrated with the crashing so i quit and then about a year ago started playing again after finding out about the size limits and started going crazy with what cs i could find.I remember the old atari forums we were able to get cs from there and was disappointed that they had taken it down.But point is I installed cs too much and too fast and was finding many errors,crashes etc and took me hours looking thru all the files and searching the sites i got cs from to see what i may have missed,so when this game does come out just make sure u take your time if they do have modded cs and test the cs out before u go too far and this way if theres a problem u can be sure which cs may have been the problem.Most problems in rct3 were cs were in a wrong folder or something that simple.BUT dont be afraid to download cs because there are alot of talented people out here that can create great stuff and u dont want to miss out on something that can make ur gaming expierience even better

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    I agree with wagibear: CSO's and ride CTR's aren't corrupted unless you download them wrong. Take my friend for example: He tried to put the CTR's Track section in Roller Coasters instead of tracked rides. So when he selected the ride the game froze; but that's not the fault of the creator of the CTR, it was his for installing it wrong.

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