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Thread: Rust/Age/Wear&Tear

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    In the old RCT games, rides and coasters would break down more often as they aged. This is welcome of course, and something I would like to see. But I say we should take it one step further.

    I think that as rides age, they should develop visual signs of this. For instance, things should rust, fade, age, crack, mold, etc. Of course, this would correlate with the age of the ride and its reliability. Thus replacing rides/pieces of track which are aging would reconcile the "problem".

    It would just add another level of realism to what I think will be a really neat game!

    (Also, perhaps slight shifting/vibration when actually riding a rollercoaster. For instance wooden coasters are not smooth rides!)

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    Yes, but then refurbishment would be needed. This would be a percent of the rides cost. Not a bad idea!

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