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    Exclamation Dev blogs & Updates

    It's been 2 months. Yes, people - I can wait, and I will wait for it. But Atari has to realize that dev blog literally means development blog, showing the development of the game as they progress. No, you do not need to show us amazing beautiful splendid results. The reason we were angry with the trailer is because, well, in the previous dev blogs, Atari presented images which were far better then what wasn't shown in the trailer. We weren't angry just because the trailer was bad. The dev blogs behind didn't show development, but just furnished pictures of old progress which didn't give us a clear glimpse of how far you guys were up to with the game. If we knew the game was THAT behind, and the info was shared in the previous dev blogs, we wouldn't have been so mad.

    Now, since Atari seems like they are refurnishing the game, it's time to show development. No, please don't give us another highly photoshopped pictures of the game which will build false hype/expectations on the progress. Show us where you guys are up to.
    As always, what matters to us is your feedback and we want to continue to hear from you during the course of development. We have high expectations and standards for delivering RCTW as well as a desire to keep this open dialogue with our community going as development progresses. There will be lots more new content released with many visual upgrades, and as the game progresses we will share them.
    Okay, it's good that you guys decided to listen to our feedback. Now we want to listen from you, Atari. As the game progresses, you guys stated that the changes will be shared. Don't leave us hanging for 2 months, we don't want that. Show us development, a proper dev blog which clearly demonstrates the progress of the game, not "after 2 months, we made pretty things. Next time it will look prettier!" but "The current state may look ugly, but it will get better and better, and the progress will be shown in the next dev blog". This is what having an open dialogue is. Not trying to polish the mess of an image as a company Atari has made.

    We may be flipping sh** again with some raw pictures & info on the dev blogs. But Atari will have to suck it up for now. We need information, and longer the delay, the more expectations Atari will raise from the fans. Well, the old devoted fans who still shares interest to this franchise.

    P.S. Hopping on the forums and answering some Area52 & Pipeworks related questions would be great. Avoiding the questions isn't always the answer. If it's something beyond sharing, at least state that you cannot share.
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    Maybe it just means there was no progress for 2 months...

    Honestly, I don't take anything they say in announcements seriously, because they don't take it serious themselves, appearently, because they haven't fullfiled many promises so far.

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    why even bother trying to get an answer?
    just leave this nonsense behind you and move on.

    hundreds of other games out there that are far more worthy of your time and money

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