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Thread: Economics & Finances

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTR24 View Post
    All good points. Although it really wouldn't be that restricting. If each VIP had a different ride preference Then we could impress them without changing our park design. The only thing we would have to do is keep the park clean and provide places to eat etc...
    If the coaster they get on sucks they don't invest. If they have to walk 5 miles to get to the ride they want they become unhappy. Similar to guest. Basically just build a good park like we already do and the money would come pouring in. We could have multiple investors. The same investor could come back to our park and look to ride a new roller coaster that wasn't there last time. A real investor would come back to check on their investment. Then they decide whether or not to give us more money. Anyway just an idea I thought I throw out there. I wouldn't mind VIP's being removed entirely. But if they are not at least make them useful. Like giving us money.
    This sounds doable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1ng r4t View Post
    I think it's a pretty good idea, especially for scenarios, but I wouldn't want it to be mandatory with every sandbox park I made...
    Well in sandbox you would have unlimited money presumably. For scenarios- Say you have a $50K a month interest payment.
    No way you could use park entrance or ride tickets to pay it. So an investor swoops in with 1 million to help you out.
    IMO I think this is similar to how real businesses operate. Real money i.e millions.
    Why should a bank give us loan if our park isn't profitable?
    Why should someone invest in our park if it sucks?
    Basically make it more challenging to build a successful Park. For scenarios only! Sandbox should always be an option.

    *Edit Having to manage millions would involve a great deal of strategy. If I take out a 10 million dollar loan(With Ten years to pay it off) I might decide to only spend half of it on my park. The rest I would save to make interest payments. Then with the help of investors I could eventually pay it off. I really like this discussion though. It's up to the devs. Ik most peopl want to keep it simple. But i would like it to be more of a challenge.
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    Yeah I think it's a great idea! I mean you could take out loans in RCT, and since nowadays the real world is basically run by investors, this is the logical next step. I think it could be done without it making the game too micro-managey complicated too, even if it was just for a few scenarios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1ng r4t View Post
    Yeah I think it's a great idea! I mean you could take out loans in RCT, and since nowadays the real world is basically run by investors, this is the logical next step. I think it could be done without it making the game too micro-managey complicated too, even if it was just for a few scenarios.
    I think the business side can be improved while still making it fun. RCT3 it was way too easy to take out loans and pay them back. Actually all Previous version it was easy to take out loans. A credit rating would solve that. Going back to the peep sticky thread. Having funny things happy to keep the game interesting is always good. That way it does not become a boring business simulation.
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    Lightbulb Realistic financials and other park metrics

    Several things are discussed in this forum, but pretty much the main thing that sticks out is the process of building rollercoasters and the settings available for rollercoasters. I understand, this function is one of the most awesome in the franchise and I too would love to see a more realistic coaster building engine as well as more settings for operating coasters. However, this does not mean that that's the only thing that matters.

    the posted screenshots look great! Curved paths and more smooth coasters look awesome as far as I can see now. I am worried about one thing though:

    Please don't let the desire for all these great graphics result in a graphically awesome but too simple game.
    Building coasters is one part, but another major part that makes this game the most awesome ever, is the challenging entrepreneurial part of it.
    The challenge to make money, in order to grow and build awesome stuff. I would really love to see some additions when it comes to financials and other park operating stuff.

    • More realistic pricing: (I've seen this one before) Recently, the Efteling (major park in my country (NL)) opened a new rollercoaster, which had cost them €18 million. I'm sure I can rebuild it in rollercoaster for under €10.000. I'd like to see that more realistic
    • More realistic operating days. E.g. the clock in rollercoaster tycoon 3 is so unrealistic, and there are no decent distinctions between operating days. Better distinctions between operating days make a significant difference: New people pay entrance fee every day, instead of hanging around for days / weeks
    • Better financial statistics
    • How about capital expenditure? There are more ways of getting capital than just taking a loan (from only one supplier). More ways of attracting capital would be great too
    • In RCT3 I can flatten the ground for €0,03. Need I say more?
    • When you destroy an attraction, you get money. I do get the idea of selling it, but honestly, I don't think any other park would buy a coaster that I custom built for myself.
    • How about a fast lane?
    • More advanced marketing settings would be great! e.g. insights in 'competition' (being computer-generated parks or parks from friends)
    • Loyalty programmes, not only reduces ride prices, but also for park visits would add value

    These were just a few examples. I don't know to what extend you are currently adding new functions when it comes to making money in RCTW, but the point I'm trying to make here is clear: Please don't just make the graphics and coasters more realistic, but also the process of operating the park (financials, marketing, etc).

    I'm curious what suggestions others would have when it comes to enhancements in the management aspect of the game . Post any ideas you have here, and let's hope the developers take into account that great management and financial tools add as much value to the game experience as great building tools
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    Realistic finances aren't possible. In several threads I explained why. In the end it comes down to numbers. The Efteling gets millions of visitors. In RCT3 you get a couple of thousand a year. There are some ways to get around it, sort off... but it will always feel forced and unrealistic. This is just because gameplay goes before realism. (as it should.)

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    Yes, I understand! Obviously gameplay goes before realism. I'm just suggesting that some enhancements in the field of realism could also enhance the gameplay experience, as the game would get more challenging. I do understand that you can never have 100% realistic finances or park operating processes, but I do think that a more realistic way of operating a park, like actual days (ppl arrive in the morning, leave at night), more realistically priced attractions, multiple ways to attract capital, more advanced marketing settings, etcetera would enhance the gameplay experience

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    Guests leaving at night would slow down gameplay and disallow players play at their own pace. It's more of a novelty than a feature IMO.

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    I think that depends on how you do it. As I imagine it, guests leaving at night would allow you to perform some "maintenance" on the park, and whenever you're finished you just skip to the next day. However, more realistic day/ night cycle was just one suggestion of multiple, if this one turns out not to enhance the gameplay, other more realistic features might.

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    I like the additional ways to get capital.

    Bonds with interest yields and durations. Use of the Railroad tycoon 3 system of you having a stock corporation for your park(s) and issue stock and compete against other parks both within just your scenario, or on a larger system tied to the multiplayer concepts. (You and up to X friends found an eco system of your player corporations and several AI corporations to build theme parks and other items (hotels, resorts) and these create stock corporations that you can trade in, with the richer players able to offer loan, or mergers with the poorer ones)

    More line items on the financials if you have control over them. We know we are going to get restaurants so those I hope will have a different line item than food stalls and souvenir stalls.

    Perhaps by having restaurants you even have the opprotunity to hire better chefs, such as paying a much greater salary to get Michelin trained chefs (Disneyland now has the Napa Rose which is a 5 Star (maybe a 1 star Michelin) in Southern California.

    Perhaps separate utility expenses such as water broken out from electircity. The more water rides you have, the more fountains you have, the more expensive that gets. And should their be a drought (a disaster) then the price for it goes skyrocketing, but you can save if you turn off the spigot to fountains( and maybe like we want a parade maker, and a water show maker, we could expand froma one square fountain to a multi square fountain with a fountain maker)

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