View Poll Results: Should Atari have us add in more trains on our RCs by not extending the RC station?

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  • Yes. Every rollercoaster in the entire freaking planet does this.

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  • No. I like the RCT3 way: Extend the station to add in more carts for my rollercoaster.

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Thread: Coaster Station Realism

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    I kind of want a shed for boats. I always see them on google maps and it's made me want them

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    For the coaster station now that they have the control booths you can people who walk down the the rows and secure the restraints and the peeps get on by using gates instead of running along the small space to get on the coaster

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    Lightbulb One Cart On A Station

    Dear Atari,

    I hated how in RCT3 that I had to extend our station just to add in more carts/trains for my rollercoaster I made. Stations are suppose to have one cart/train on a station, and the other carts/trains have to wait behind the station as the cart in the station loads up with peeps. Please let us add more carts/trains by not letting us extend our rollercoaster station. It's not the proper amusement-park way for realism.

    Antonio, AKA Master's Kingdom.

    PS: You NEED to ADD CATWALKS into the game onto ROLLERCOASTERS! It is a major, MAJOR thing to add in!
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    FYI, 'RC' and 'RCs' on the poll question:
    "Should Atari have us add in more trains on our RCs by not extending the RC station?" means ROLLERCOASTER. The 's' in 'RCs' is plural for rollercoaster. Thank you.

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    I freaking agree. Thanks for posting this thread.

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    The maximum number of cars per train depends on the lenght of the station (shorter train is allowed).

    But you can add more trains if you check the box for "multisection" (however it is called in the english version)...
    With this option, there can be one train in the station, another one on the lifthill and even more at blockbrakes.

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    Poll and Question Answered. Closing Thread.

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