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Thread: Let's Put The Tycoon In RollerCoaster Tycoon World

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    Let's Put The Tycoon In RollerCoaster Tycoon World

    Warning: this may be a lengthy post

    When Mattlab first announced they were essentially going back to the drawing boards, my immediate reaction was happiness. We can now create the game we always wanted to. Atari, instead of doing it yourselves, let us help you.

    With this, I'd like to share a definition with you.
    noun ty·coon \tī-ˈkün\

    : a very wealthy and powerful business person
    This is essentially the definition of an entrepreneur. When rollercoaster is put before it, you get a very wealthy amusement park business person. Who comes to mind? Walt Disney.

    I am suggesting a Campaign overhaul. Many of these ideas are built upon form other posts, so please let me know if your post was the inspiration.

    RollerCoaster Tycoon World will have 4 themes. This shows me they're probably going all out with the themes. The Magic Kingdom seems to qualify. They have Americana(Mainstreet.) They have Western(Frontierland.) They have Sci-Fi(Tommorowland.) They have Adventure(Adventureland.) We can essentially create Disney theme parks. But, can we do it in campaign?

    Instead of doing different scenarios, you'll start with regions. You will have around 5 plots of land of different sizes. These will be connected by monorail. Each plot can be used for something different. Theme Parks, Waterparks, Zoos, and resorts.

    Your Theme Parks will all have income at all times you are in the game. That means if you're in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom will still have money rolling in. Next, all plots will be huge. We don't want this to be a SimCity disaster.

    Waterparks will be built around 2 components. Pools and slides. These would only require medium sized plots.

    Zoos would work like WaterParks, but with safaris and such.

    Resorts would be covered later, I could write another post with them.

    This is just a rough draft, but this could work out nicely. This would provide a nice income, and leave you as a true RollerCoaster Tycoon!

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    I would love to see a good campaign. But Remember that they probably dont have water parks at the beginning.
    I played the campaigns from the other Games and it just doesnt feel like 1 campaign. So to make this game really great having a campaign and not just scenarios would be a neat thing.

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    I really like the idea of a campaign. That could be the main story mode of the game. They could also include something like a "challenge mode" where there were specific challenges such as scenarios and the difficulty could be picked say from easy, medium, or hard. Maybe make it where you could unlock more scenarios as you go along. And don't forget sandbox mode for when you just want to build.

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    Didn't Mattlab say that they were scrapping the Americana theme?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomMrBrick View Post
    Didn't Mattlab say that they were scrapping the Americana theme?
    Not really scrapping as I recall, merely 'overhauling'

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    I really like the idea of regions and how money would be rolling in from all the parks at all times.

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