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Thread: I want turnstiles and better crowd control!

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    RCTW Must-have Enhancements

    I think something that previous titles really lacked was crowd control. Guests would walk anywhere any way as long as there's a path. When you're trying to build intricate parks or projects, these are some necessities:
    1. Turnstiles - at ride entrances, park entrances, and anywhere else you think they should be put to keep traffic going in a certain direction. You could click on the turnstile and bring up a menu with whether it costs money to go through and which direction it goes in (< / > / both).
    2. Swing gates - like turnstiles, swing gates are very important in a real amusement park. You can use these for handicapped access through the park entrance or an alternative ride entrance, and they can also be a great tool for crowd control just like a turnstile. It should have a similar menu as well.
    3. Solid gates - gates and fences should be able to be placed over a path, and should also be movable instead of having to delete and rebuild. If there's a gate or wall, it would mean guests can't cross it, but can go around it or through an opening if necessary. You could also cover a whole area of path to keep guests from moving there. This way you can have one big path and not have to make them a block apart.
    4. Stanchions - we've all seen them, those poles with chains or belts on them. These are great because they're easy to move and can be manipulated to form a queue or a barrier so peeps know not to cross them. And if it's an entrance to a food stand or something, it would keep the line organized and avoid a crowd around the restaurant or food stall.
    5. Changeable queues - a queue line that everyone wants. A simple switchback, zigzag design that can be placed as needed, and then on busier ride times can have certain end pieces that can rotate in place to create a longer or shorter queue line.
    6. Lines of swing gates on the coaster station that open up and allow faster loading - we all know everyone wants this, so doooo iiiitttt
    7. On ride announcements - PLEASE do this. Rct3 allowed music to be played but I want to take it a step forward and put pre-recorded announcements in That play when the ride enters the station, as the peeps load, and when the ride is starting again.
    - ride enters station / slows down - your ride is coming to an end. Please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop and your restraints are open. Thanks for riding and enjoy the rest of your stay at our park!
    - peeps are loading: welcome aboard, oncoming riders! When the gates open you may enter the ride quickly and carefully. Please remember to place all lose articles in the bins or with a non riding member of your group. For your safety, please remain seated at all times and face forward. Keep your arms and legs inside the ride. Thank you and enjoy your ride!
    - when a ride is leaving the station (optional): all clear, you're outta here! Launching in 3... 2... 1...!

    And finally 8. Staff should actually interact with rides, not just stand in the booth. For bigger rides and rollercoasters there should be as many as 3-4 staff members. For a small ride that only needs 1person in real life, there should only be one or two depending on where the control booth is located, etc. this is something that really bothered me in previous RCT games.

    Anyway, these are my personal requests.

    Best regards,
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    Love this idea

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