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Thread: Ultimate Customizability [Integrated 3D-Object scenery builder]

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    Exclamation Ultimate Customizability [Integrated 3D-Object scenery builder]

    Integrated 3D-Object scenery builder
    Honestly this is the most complex feature that could be added but, the best one for the games overall functionality and lifespan. As stated in a blog post and by other members, custom scenery in RCT3 made the most impact on the game in the long term and kept RCT3's popularity for 10 years. If custom scenery is already going to be supported, why not take it a step further? Being that this game is connected online, this is the perfect opportunity. A online catalog could easily be created and filled with players creating custom objects for anyone to share and use through the game itself. If done correctly the game would therefore grow itself, in features and customizability. But, only if the base tools of this builder was made correctly. As the builder could be upgraded later and improved it would still have to present the concept well at the start to be a success.

    The Builder
    The builder would definitely be most complex to integrate being that it would basically be a subset of a 3D modeling program. There are many complexities with this such as: what shapes should be included? Color tools? Object clipability? Animation included?

    The Catalog/Online Parks
    This catalog must be organized with filter options and possibly into "packs" created by users. Plus, having custom objects in parks viewed by other players may create complexities if players don't have the same packs downloaded. Auto download required objects when loading park? Leave objects as "standard unknown" until manually downloaded? Moderate and manage catalog?

    As it can be recognized this would be INCREDIBLY COMPLEX but, would bring the game to the next level.

    If anyone has comments about this or suggestions to add, feel free to reply!

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    You have just described my ultimate dream for the game. I have some doubts (understatement) when it comes to feasibility, but this would be just... WOW!

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    When this game was first announced I had hoped it would be a feature from the start!

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    One of the best ideas I have heard in this whole forum.

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