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Thread: ride operator mode

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    ride operator mode

    A great feature would to be able to control any flat ride and rollercoaster.
    have an option to control a ride witch we use our keyboard to do so for eg if we wanted to control the pirate ship, clicking on the ride you want to operate, then click on operators mode, then we have different options on how we want to view the ride we are controlling for eg from the controls box using our keybord:
    Q - swings forward
    W - swings back
    Z - emergency brake

    And so on (different buttons for different rides)

    Also to be able to control it for as long as we like. For rollercoaster we close restraints, send the trains out etc
    as for another idea, just say you have spent your money and you need some more cash you can go to your friends park and control ride there and get payed to do so, but only if they have ticked the (let friends control my rides box) and they set an amount of money we earn every so often or for every ride cycle

    It's just an idea I would love in the game as if you get bored of building rides it's something different to do in the game.

    All the best..

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    If this were built into the game, then I'd like it to come with an option to not use it. It's too much micro management to my taste.

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