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Thread: 2016 release date?

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    Lightbulb 2016 release date?

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    according to wikipedia. if atari really is scrapping everything so far and planning on a 2016 release date, i would not be upset at all. hopefully they learned to how to handle the series now.

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    Looks like Frontier's Coaster Park Tycoon will come out sooner

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    I think Atari are really pushing it if they are going for a 2015 release! I wouldn't expect it till next year and if it comes out sooner then great.

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    I'm expecting at least 2016. Disappointing, but I'm OK with it. I'd rather have it delayed than awful.

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    Well, it would most certainly be a mistake for Atari to push their release date to after Frontier's product. That said, it would behoove them to actually create a complete, polished game first and foremost. However, releasing after a game that is direct competition could really kill Atari's financial take.

    If Frontier's game is decent, it could conceivably rob the market-share from RCTW. Even more likely if RCTW is a flop. Atari also has competition from smaller developments such as Theme Parkitect, OpenRCT2, FreeRCT, and so on. Atari needs to focus on creating something worth buying, but I don't anticipate a push back of almost two years. Even one year back would be a surprise.

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    But aren't Parkitect, OpenRCT2, FreeRCT, etc..., more management based? RCT3 was more on the creativity side, and I would suspect that RCTW would be the same as RCT3. There are at least two interest groups here. Park/Ride Creators and Management.
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    Wikipedia is not the best or most accurate source of information, it's only as good as who edits it. But if this rumor is true, I would not be sad, I just want them to take their time to make the best game they can.

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    I kinda wish gaming companies would not post release dates, or at least more people learn to take it like a grain of salt.

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    I did the maths in another thread. Number of assets to redo/refresh/still crate in RCT, number of people at Area52, if it's anywhere close to quality and detail ppl want then it's got to be a long wait!

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    It will be another Duke Nukem Forever let's be honest here, I already saw RCTW heading down that path a fair while back now because what has been said and what has been shown coming from Atari has been a load of rubbish.

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