Warning, this may be considered by some of you a "rant."

Hello all,

The whole community has been tantalized at the thought of getting an update. After all the hype and fallout from the trailer, we were expecting an update last week. Like, when Mattlab said he would. And all we got were a few answers.

Putting that behind us, I would like to see a new blog for many reasons, to start, it's getting annoying to stop talking to the rest of my family becuase I'm refreshing my phone all the time. Next, because RCT is an icon. This game is now recognized on YouTube of you start typing rolle. This game's image can still be fixed. After that, Mattlab needs to revive the community. He needs to let us know what's going on. Finally, we need promises fulfilled, no overly-fufflied by Mattlab.

I'm tired of waiting. I've been the nicest I can to Atari and the moderators. I've stuck up for the game. I'm on the forums constantly. Why can't you tell us anything? Why do I and the rest of the community have to wait? When you tell us that you'll do it this week, surpass our expectations and do it right away! Do it now!

I don't mean to be annoying to Atari, but I've waited too long. I've waited 12 years for this game. I shouldn't have to wait weeks and weeks for an update, when we're told it'll get done. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as annoying, but you guys have to grow up! If I was in charge of this quiet marketing team, there'd be updates daily!

To conclude, no I won't refuse to buy the game. I bought RCTM. Even if the game is released like the trailer, I'll buy it. It's not because I have money to throw around, it's because this game means a lot to me. I don't "game." I own a Xbox, that's it and a few games. I spend so much time on these forums and all I'm asking for is an update tonight. Please, please, please.