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Thread: These are the Flat Rides people want in RCTW

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    100% agreement from me, too.
    And nice video

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    I think RCT3 still looks pretty damn good. And yea, this is something I expect from RCTW, though it looks like they just do exact opposite...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMB1985 View Post
    I'd like to see each ride have the default appearance be just a generic look for the ride. Then there should be a themed appearance to go with each theme in the game that we can choose if we want to . I have a bad feeling pretty much everything is just going to be heavily themed though.
    Yes. I was going to say this.

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    Yeah, for all of RCT3's flaws, it had a fantastic selection of flat rides, especially after the expansion packs. We NEED generic versions of all of these rides too! How are we supposed to put an S&S Screamin Swing in a western themed park if the only option in the game is a sci-fi version?

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    First of all, awesome park and awesome video!

    And yes, I really agree with you. Those are the rides I always used and I definitely want them again in RCTW. Never used all those themed rides.

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    Every previous RCT had realistic rides and coasters with good enough physics. After seeing the trailer I'd rather have a RCT3 HD remake with slightly better graphics, smooth coasters, bug fixes, no lag and a few extra rides and maybe some bigger parks. Would buy it in a heartbeat.

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    The effort put into this video is shown visually. Aesthetically pleasing, great find dude

    Ignoring the graphics of the gameplayer trailer, Atari really didn't put effort in their trailer. No terrain? No problem - as long as it shows the game's aspect well just like how this video showed us, it works.

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    I agree with generic rides. The only theming J usually do, is paint each section a set theme. For example, a set of purple and yellow rides, red, white, and blue rides, etc...

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    Yes we definitely need generic rides. Maybe have the possibility to add a theming of choice, so you would have in fact 5 versions of a ride (the 4 confirmed themes and a generic one). The thing I liked most in RCT3 was the ability to theme everything yourself with buildings and other stuff. No ride would look the same. If I have to place the same darn barn twister in every park it would get very boring...

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    Love that park and agree those are the best flat rides. I like this video from early days of TPS:

    Frontier also have a custom flat ride builder system which I assume will make it to Coaster Park Tycoon too.

    This really is what you would expect from a modern 'limited only by imagination' type sim game. People have had sketch up for years now. I think a logical next step for the entire genre is absolute in game customisation of just about everything. So RCTW themed/weird rides are not only mostly unwanted, but also actually should be pointless. I'd much prefer to have a library of ride components nad build my own including whatever theming I want.

    Obviously TPS is very good at customisation but isn't any good at all at being a 'game'... Or even a sim for that matter. It's more like building a park simulation in a CAD program

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