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Thread: I would like to request the feature "communication" and "marketing."

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    I would like to request the feature "communication" and "marketing."

    I'm afraid this game is going to tank big time. Not because of sub-par quality but because of sub-par marketing and communication efforts. Sure the RCT brand is strong but it has also been 10 years since the last game (I'm not counting the awful things spit out on other platforms).

    Lets take the release of the trailer and the backlash caused. All it took to prevent this was a message like: "Hey guys a new dev blog is coming up but to wet your apatites here is a trailer we made last year." 20-something words 2 minutes of work and people would appreciate the trailer instead of thrashing it on this forum.
    In stead it is dropped into the world without explanation and everyone is just left guessing as to what it means. Eventually you send in Matt to do a little damage control. All well and great but who will control the damage with all the people who aren't on these forums? Who don't follow the blog? Who now think this game will stink? To be honest I'm guessing a lot of people on this forum aren't convinced either.

    Now lets compare this to the first video released by the late Maxis for their game Sim City. Now the game left a lot to be desired but their marketing was good. this video was released a year before the game launched: Note how it is accompanied by a blog and a warning these are not final graphics. And they released a video or at least a blog each week making sure you saw the game grow.

    I'm just afraid this game will get killed by atrocious marketing. It wouldn't be the first game to fly under the radar while being a good game. Again it's been 10 years, you can't sell on brand recognition alone. Especially since it has been tarnished by the mobile "games" like RCT4.

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    I just really hope the screenshots released by them aren't pre-rendered pictures. I want to believe MattLab, that the trailer is "earlier footage" of the game so show the progress of the game (This part makes me wonder - they should've mentioned that in the video... I mean really, you'd expect the hate from that teaser). I agree with the series being tarnished by the mobile game RCT4. They've just literally KILLED off the flagship title. What's next, Rollercoaster Tycoon Universe?

    If it is rendered, I'd just be saying last goodbye to our beloved series. We'll see in the dev blog.

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    Area 51 and Atari could learn a thing or 2 from the folks developing Cities: Skylines, Paradox Interactive. They had almost 10 devblogs where they put out Youtube videos of them talking about various functions of the game WHILE THEY WERE PLAYING THE ACTUAL GAME. Almost all of their developers posted a ton in the forums answering questions, talking about future expansions, and perhaps most importantly, making it very known that they support modding and see it as a vital part in a successful computer game. They released several trailers and gave numerous youtubers an early edition copy of the game to do let's plays of and used information from those to fix some bugs or other issues... I have a feeling that Cities: Skylines is to Sim City 2013 as Coaster Park Tycoon will be to RCT World.

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