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Thread: Who's Disappointed?

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    Who's Disappointed?

    *raises hand and bangs head on table*

    Was so looking forward to this after watching the video disappointed.

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    Same, im not gonna pre order this, ill watch some youtube lets play and see if ill buy it later.

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    Yea me too, how it looks atm it will not break any records

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    Park Patron Wabigbear's Avatar
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    Yeah, there needs to be a whole lot of work done on this before I'd even consider buying it. I can put up with poor graphics as long as we can add our own custom scenery, but things like the coaster supports, horrible paths and butt-ugly water are all things that will carry over even if we can add our own CSO.

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    I hope it's alpha footage, otherwise i'm not buying this crap, ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraCheese View Post
    I hope it's alpha footage, otherwise i'm not buying this crap, ever.
    lol... yep same here.... think everyone is pretty much shocked and disapointed at this stage cept for a few dum dums over on the steam forums...

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    "I want to go on something more thrilling than Roller Coaster Tycoon World"
    "Just looking at Roller Coaster Tycoon World makes me feel sick"

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    Well then... That was disapointing. The game looks to have worse graphics that RCT2 and they were pretty bad. Congratulations dev team, you have lost a follower.

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    I am so very disappointed... I have no words for it. The screenshots do make me feel a little positive, hoping that the trailer was pre alpha footage or something...

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    When I saw this trailer I tought it was released 28 days to soon (april fools in 28 days)... But my hoper are all GONE! F*CK you atari! F*CK you area52! THIS A PURE PILE OF F*CKING SMELLY ****TY DAMN CRAP!!!!!! Sorry for the swearing but... ARGGGGGH!!!!!

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