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Thread: Gameplay Teaser is out!

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    Gameplay Teaser is out!

    Please don't be exited in a positive way before watching the video.

    So the gameplay teaser of RTCW is finally out!

    Some CGI cutscenes at the beginning and the end of the video. Seems quite cool, but... the graphics. Nevermind, discuss!


    It really looks like in the video the lowest graphic settings are set. But why would anyone to that?
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    I'm a bit disappointed by the trailer. It does finally show some more of the game, which is a good thing. But for some reason the footage didn't feel "smooth". The "construction" animation seemed to run at 15 FPS or something, the track pieces seem to be bumpy and not smooth at-all. I do like the new rides tho! It seems like they have quite a few of them done.

    I just hope these graphics are not final... Some of the models seem reaaaaally low poly...
    Some things that concern me from this trailer:
    - Low Poly Models
    - Very Low quality textures (but these might be not-final)
    - Jagged coasters
    - No proper coaster supports

    Now that I think of it, those fancy CGI shots they start and end the video with, that is what the game should look like, it's 2015 not 2005...

    And who designed these parks to showcase the game? They're not well-designed, the park seems like path + rides. No height, no hills, no nothing, just all very flat.

    If no major changes are made to this game I'll probably not buy it.
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    The graphics concern me a little bit. That's all I'm going to say about it.

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    the coasters tracks look terrible. the rides look bad . this doesnt look like it wil be a full RCT experience...

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    Now I'm 100% sure that RCTW is RCT3 Reloaded Where are the rounded paths?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amplifyed View Post
    The graphics concern me a little bit. That's all I'm going to say about it.
    I know graphics look rubbish for 2015

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    It looks so different from the screenshots released months ago. I know it's a comic style but it looks kitschy (?), less detailed and the textures are not that great too. For me, it almost looks like it was completely developed from the ground after Pipeworks left (It's probably not the case I know). I'm a huge RCT fan and I know in videogames there's always room for improvement and that can happen really fast. But it's so weird we have to wait weeks for some new information. It's like they are hiding something from us.
    It wouldn't be a problem to wait some month longer to play this game. "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever"
    I do not want to be too hasty and I'm quite optimismic normally. So I'll give it some more chances.
    Area 52, please do your best!

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    From what was released, a MAJORITY of the Ideas and Feature Requests blog was overlooked. It's really a shame where they've taken the franchise in this "Teaser Trailer".. Hopefully when the game comes out, CSO designers that SHOULD be working in Atari's studios will make the game worth while for those who pay money for it.

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    I was really looking forward to see the first gameplay trailer, but this is kinda disappointing.
    Sorry Area52 and Atari, but what is this? This graphics looks like made in 2005.

    The indoor ride screenshot Mattlab posted in one of the DevBlog posts was looking good, but this?
    I just can hope this is early game footage, Alpha, Beta or something. :/

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    Wait, I didn't think this was a mobile game?

    The only thing that's positive about this POS is that we were told we'll be able to have Custom Scenery, so I'm hoping the game engine is better, unlike the graphics.

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