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Thread: Why is this game frowned upon?

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    RCT3 may not be perfect, but it's still one of my favorite games ever.

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    For me, It's the Cartoon Style Stalls. They just don't fit the look. I Have never gone to a Theme Park and seen stalls like that. There maybe parks that do but they are not for me.

    Also, Putting Scenery Pieces, walls mostly, around rides. You can't for the most part. They have to use the empty space next to the ride. The Details end up facing in toward the ride instead of outside where they belong. Then you have Limited roof pieces that are only meant for buildings two squares wide ( or just a even number of squares) and not three. Western and Corral the two biggest culprits. If you want windowed walls around your ride they would have to face in, unless you put them in the empty grid piece and don't want to add anything else in that grid piece.

    Those same wall pieces can't be placed on paths or que line either. Again the details end up facing in and/or the pieces end up Floating. Space theaming walls are Bad at this. You can't build more than 1 story high or the Pieces Float. Custom Stall suffer from having walls built around them also.

    Bushes/hedges have to be placed in the Open Grid Tile Next to the rides fence but can't be place on the grid piece used by the ride. So if you built a wall around your ride you can't put hedges along the bottom of the wall now, in which my opinion looks better than just having the wall end right at the ground.

    Been covered elsewhere but peeps not riding the rides is also/was a Big Issue. You spend all this time building, theaming a ride and the line to it stays empty.

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