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Thread: Things I NEED.

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    Things I NEED.

    Hey, RCT forum-goers! (Is there a specific name for rct fans? Tycoons? Peeps? Gah.) There's a couple of things that I definitely would love to see implemented in the new game. I know some of them have been mentioned before but hey, what's the harm in repetition?
    1. Realistic Queue lines
    I would absolutely love to have the loading-waiting sections in RCT queues that real life coasters have; to have that small area where the peeps hold to wait on the line would add so much more realism to the game.
    2. Speakers actually play music
    This is less of a MUST HAVE and more of a personal pet peeve: the speakers should play the background music. Or at least play SOMETHING.
    3. Peeps want to go on scary rides
    All of my friends, for some strange reason I have not figured out yet, like King Da Ka. It's a terrifying ride yet the wait to ride it is around 1-2 hours, apparently. Meanwhile, in RCT, the peeps get apprehensive of the more... Realistic rides. Get them to go on King Da Ka, please. If I'm too terrified to ride it, I would still like the benefit of getting virtual people to ride it for me.
    And last-and most importantly-
    I can not stress enough how important this is to me. As a member of my school's marching band I get to participate in Music in the Parks, where school marching bands preform in theme park parades. Let me tell you, the experience is just as magical to preform in as it is to watch. A drag and drop to organize the band and floats would be AMAZING. It could be directed like the celebrity paths in RCT3, and the realism/atmosphere it would provide would be immeasurable.
    Thanks for reading through my incoherent rambling!

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    I absolutely agree with 1-3 (I even made a whole thread about #3), but I just don't understand why everyone wants parades so much.

    P.S. It's Kingda Ka.

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    Gah, I knew I spelt kingda ka wrong. Thank you!
    Also, i just want parades because I'm a marching band geek. I have a slight obsession.

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    I...not to toot my own gnarly coasters that, in real life, would blow even the M-Force out of the water! But like you've said, all of the peeps look at it (while my mouth waters to ride it) and they get too scared to ride! Always bums me out! I'd love to see some high-intensity riders come into my park!

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