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Thread: The list of improvements

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    I think i didn't see it in the list. But i miss SHOWS with animals, music, dancing, theaters. An amusement park without shows?! I am talking about real good show attractions with high level of detail!

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    That sounds nice! Unfortunately I can't make any updates anymore... But stay posting!

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    I'd like to see an extension of staff types that have already been listed, but with the addition of Ticket Clerks for the main entrance. With that in mind, I'd also like to also configure the main entrance too. Smaller parks don't really need lot's of entrances, but bigger parks with huge amounts of people coming would need to be able to expand the Ticket Booths to accommodate.

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    I would love to see the flat ride "Gravitron" have a more realistic look to it. All aspects of flat rides in the game look amazing! However, the Gravitron / Starship looks a little cartoon like to me like something from candy land. I know its weird but it happens to be my favorite flat ride and I would love to see it reflect the actual look in the game. Perhaps more flat on the top with the "G" writing where its squared and more vibrant where the lighting panels are. Just a suggestion!

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