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Thread: The list of improvements

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    The list of improvements

    I read a lot of most posts and I saw that there are a lot of ideas everywhere. So I thought: "lets make a list of everything!" So if you're having an idea (and it's not already on the list), post it and I will update the list with your idea...


    * attraction settings
    - The attraction settings in rollercoaster tycoon 3 were minimum. It is much more fun if there are more settings for your attraction (rollercoaster).
    - CCTV settings, apply and video for the CCTV and people can see the video if the are in the waiting queue.
    - Maintenance settings, better maintenance settings (like "no thrill money back" or "5 rides for the price of 4").
    - Attraction songs, more theme songs and even an "upload-your-song button".
    - You can upload the music from a folder (instead of putting music in a folder).

    * pools
    - The pools have to stay (and of course with an upgrade).
    - More slides!

    * breakdowns
    - Attractions stay opened if there was/is an minor breakdown.
    - When there is a major breakdown (and your coaster car hangs/stands somewhere), your engineer (and peeps) walks over the stairs/platforms.

    * rollercoasters: the track
    - When you're building your rollercoaster, there has to be optimized track pillars.
    - Where your rollercoaster has one lift (or more), there has to be a stairs next to the track.
    - Where your rollercoaster has breaks and launchers, there has to be a platform next to the track.
    - When you are building a rollercoaster, trucks come with the pieces of the track. Then, the pieces are getting stored in a warehouse. Some later - when all pieces has arrived - your builders (new staff) start building the coaster (piece for piece with an crane).
    - More animated scenery (like doors) that have different sizes. In rollercoaster tycoon 3 were those things immense.
    - The track can have a glow in the dark color.
    - Allow splitting tracks.

    * rollercoasters: the station
    - A switch to set a new train on the track (or off the track).
    - More entrance styles.
    - You can make a dueling coaster station with dueling coaster modus.
    - fast lane: people which bought a fast lane ticket, can go to the attraction with the fast lane entrance (5x as fast).

    entrance path
    - The entrance paths from rollercoaster tycoon 3 were nice, but there were not more than 6. So there has to be more different entry paths.
    - The entrance paths need more different kinds of fences.
    - The entrance paths can have some (build-in) minishops for a drink or something.

    exit path
    - There has to be a sort kind of exit path, because people are not allowed to walk back through the exit path (except people width an handicap).
    - People can buy there photo at the end of the exit path in a sort of ministore.

    * rollercoasters: new types
    steel normal
    - dark coaster (vogelrok).
    - 4th dimension coaster ().
    - dive coaster (oblivian).
    - flora's coaster (bizarro).
    - flying coaster (skytrak).
    - hypercoaster (magnum XL-200).
    - mine train (big thunder mountains)
    - boomerang coaster (speed of sound).
    - spinning coaster (euro-mir).
    - standup coaster (king cobra).
    - steel coaster (steel dragon 2000).
    - mega coaster (blue fire)

    steel launchers
    - LSM coasters.
    - LIM coasters.
    - hydraulic coasters.
    - pneumatic coasters.
    - flywheel coasters (turbo bikes).

    steel easy
    - wild mouse (dizzy mouse).
    - suspended coaster (Iron dragon).
    - mountain coaster OR alpine coaster.
    - pipeline coaster (megatron).
    - powered rollercoaster (Dracor the dragon coaster).

    - side friction coaster
    - wooden coaster.

    * rollercoasters: trains & extra features
    - add speakers inside of your trains that causes an extra stimulus: SOUND!
    - every train can get another color (like blue, red, green, yellow, etc).
    - you can design trains with logo's, shapes and of course colors.
    - when you go into excitement mode, the track colors from blue to green depending on how exciting that part of the track is.
    - when you go into risky mode, the track colors from transparent to red depending on how risky that part of the track is.
    - when you go into malfunction mode, the track colors from transparent to yellow depending on which parts of the track need most of maintenance.

    * attractions
    - river boat
    - chairlift
    - white water rapids (extended)
    - train (where the rails can cross over)
    - pond (a boat that cross over water; You can choose different types of boats (i.e. speedboat, mini rouse, etc.))

    * facilities
    - larger bathrooms (with more toilets).
    - dryers, make from your wet clothes dry clothes.

    * staff
    - boss, be yourself... be the boss... walk through your park and have all privileges. (office)
    - manager, hire managers for making the game easier... You have give them budget and they will invest for you! (office)
    - fireman, if there is fire, your firemen will extinguish the fire. (fire station)
    - doctor, if people are hurt, your doctors will (try to) heal them. (medical center)
    - guard, if there are some bastards demolishing stuff and its on camera (that you can place), they will kick them out. (monitoring center)
    - builder, if you want some attractions, you better hire one of them. How more builders how faster the job is done. (warehouse and crane)

    - office, here does the staff take a break (get fired or get a job).

    * Peeps
    - the AI of the peeps are smarter. (they do have a 'schedule' or something like that)
    - peeps use maps more often.
    - peeps are affected by scenery in queue lines.
    - peeps are using transport more frequently. In case of tracks with more stations, like a monorail, they may remain seated until they arrived at the right station.
    - mind reading of peeps are more complex. You can see why they came to your park, if their family is split up or together and even school trips with teachers and students.
    - peeps do use more facilities at night.
    - you can evaluate your theme park by surveying peeps.

    * interface
    - easy user interface.
    - add a search bar to the interface.
    - improve diagrams (in the attractions panel).

    * reality
    - money (income and expenses), a rollercoaster is something like $1.000.000 and not $300.
    - happiness meter, make the happiness meter more extended (and have more parameters).
    - build your hotels where your peeps can stay.
    - build your own park entrance.
    - you can make paths curved (like in sim city).
    - more celebrities.
    - more famous celebrities.
    - parking lots
    - the map of your park has to be more detailed.

    * scenery
    - all scenery from previous RCT games
    - waterfalls (extended -> with extra options)
    - aquaria (paths you can make through and next to the water)
    - more animals (from RCT3 wild + upgraded graphics)
    - vulcano's (you can make volcano area's: sometimes an eruption... awesome, you can set restrictions for the volcano (lava area))

    * modes
    - Campaign, just campaign, but the campaign levels from every previous version is also there under an other tab (RCT1 | RCT 2 | RCT 3 | Soaked | Wild | World).
    - Multiplayer campaign, campaign for two or more people (LAN or WAN).
    - Multiplayer, thats the normal multiplayer.
    - Real time, everything goes in real time (waiting for an attraction, building goes faster (1day before the stuff arrives, not a month), weather, etc). (TOGGLE OPTION)
    - Sandbox, as we know it... no limits of cash and all the space you need.
    - Adventurer, the same as sandbox but then with cash (you start with zero).
    - Monopoly, you begin as a mini park, but when you have grown, you can buy other parks until you bought all parks (achievement: "There is only one").
    - Scenario maker, make your own (multiplayer) campaign and set it online (or save on your computer).
    - Scenario world, search for your scenario online and play it with friends (or upload it from your computer).

    * themes
    - Ancient Times (Aztec, Egypt, Greece, Maya, Roman).
    - General (Adventure, Alpine, Beach, Christmas, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, General, Island, Jungle, Medieval, Pirate, Safari, Science-fiction, Wild-west).
    - Movies (Atlantis, Batman, Harry Potter, Ironman, Matrix, Spiderman, Star trek, Star Wars).
    - Thrills (Apocalypse, Halloween, Horror, ).
    - World (Africa, America, Antartica, Asia, Australia, Europe).
    - Game (Mario, Pokemon, Lego).

    * ideas
    - Go-kart minigame, race against your friends.
    - Editor for park emblems and billboards.
    - Go first person (and interact with peeps and staff. Ride your rides!).

    * the rest
    - Make the game for Windows, Mac and Linux​.
    - Enable (free) DLC's.
    - Virtual Reality (Oculus rift).
    - Improve weather.
    - Improve surroundings.
    - Improve fireworks.
    - improve underground futures (tunnel).
    - you can organize events and contests (go-kart contest, eating contest, etc).
    Last edited by acyclone; 07-30-2015 at 10:07 AM.

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    Deleted my post for reasons stated below.
    Last edited by Vampiro; 02-25-2015 at 05:59 PM.

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    These aren't cylone's ideas, these are all ideas compiled throughout the entire ideas forum. There's no need to quote the whole thing and critique it, since it'll do nothing but start disagreements and arguing. Not what this thread is about, go do that in the original thread with said idea.

    Let's just compile a list of everyone's ideas so the devs can see it with equal opportunity. Great post acylone. Others have tried to start list threads and they died, but this is very well done so hopefully we can keep it alive. Althought there's almost no mention of custom scenery, which was my bag, so I've got a few of my own I'll add at some point. And underground parks in general, not just tunnels.
    Last edited by k1ng r4t; 02-25-2015 at 04:53 PM.

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    Please don't criticize in this thread, because this is an enumeration over the ideas of this whole forum. If you have an idea, please post it! If you don't, please just criticize it in an another thread... Thank you
    Last edited by acyclone; 02-25-2015 at 05:31 PM.

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    What I'm afraid will happen is the people Vamp just disagreed with will come in and state their case, that's 5 or 6+ posts there, then 4+ more will come in and quote all 6 posts, probably ignore other posts, or quote yours like vamp which will end up saying the same things and next thing you know we have a 20 page thread that's 98% debate, 2% ideas, with a few people going at it on and off, so when someone does post an idea, it get's lost in the unnecessary madness.

    In fact, I know this would never happen, but I'd like to see this thread locked and stickied, and then someone monitor the ideas forum and add ideas to the list as people post their thread.

    That way we have a nice, clean list, a positive energy thread, and plenty of space for discussion. I'm all for criticism and debate, but I do think it'd be nice to have at least one thread that's just ideas that the devs can look at for themselves with no bias.
    Last edited by k1ng r4t; 02-25-2015 at 05:12 PM.

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    I just totally agree with you... But when you start this thread you can see directly all points we discuss(ed) and that's the most important thing (for the developers which are looking for the ideas)... Just one thread for every idea!
    Last edited by acyclone; 02-25-2015 at 05:32 PM.

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    If people can focus just on the list and offer their opinions, I'm with you. But if they start offering their opinion on other people's opinion, that's where my fear kicks in. Vamp I'm not trying to downplay your opinion man honestly, this is just the best idea compilation thread yet and I don't want to see it fall in the same dark pit the others did

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1ng r4t View Post
    If people can focus just on the list and offer their opinions, I'm with you. But if they start offering their opinion on other people's opinion, that's where my fear kicks in. Vamp I'm not trying to downplay your opinion man honestly, this is just the best idea compilation thread yet and I don't want to see it fall in the same dark pit the others did
    No offence taken.

    Guess i reacted in a bit too much hurry without reading carefully. I will delete my comments as i understand (now) that this was not the right thread to do so.

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    Come on people... We need some more ideas for the game! post it here if you want to have your idea on the list!

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    To the point of Music in rollercoasters: In RCT3 it was really annoying that there was an extra folder for the RCT3 music in your music folder and you had to put the complete music file in that folder. It would be better if we can take the music directly from the location where it is saved. (Or atleast allow shortcuts like in gta:sa)

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