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Thread: Mechanics Are Bugged Out and don't work!

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    Exclamation Mechanics Are Bugged Out and don't work!

    Mechanics Not Working
    In my game the Mechanics are NOT inspecting or fixing rides! I have no idea why. I have tried all the modes (Tutorial, Career, Sandbox, and messed around in a custom scenario) but they don't seem to want to do their Job!
    Please someone help.

    Note: They will fix/inspect the ride if I tell them to using the 'Call Mechanic' button on the ride. This shows they can path find to the ride's entrance/exit.

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    Couple of things that MIGHT work..

    Set all Inspection times to 10 Minutes

    and Second,, Make sure they are all FULLY TRAINED. Hire a Bunch then Name a Peep " Isambard Kingdom Brunel ". This will Fully Train ALL Staff.

    But even this don't work all the time (most of the time it does) and you just have to Fire the ones that for no reason just stop doing their jobs, including Janitors. Because there will be times when no matter how many times I place a worker in front of a ride or vomit, they just walk away. So I Fire them and Hire a New one.

    I THINK the ones that have Sad Faces when you First Hire them are the ones that do this, If they are Sad when you First Hire... Fire them Right away and get ones that are Happy right off.
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