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Thread: Sea Monsters - Submarine Voyage

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    Sea Monsters - Submarine Voyage

    Carta Marina
    Submarine Voyage

    Immerse yourself in an underwater hunt for sea monsters scattered throughout the sea. You are going to explore the behaviour of that monsters, but be careful!

    Location: San Lacrona Beach Resort [Monsters of the Sea area]
    Ride type: fully immersed 4D multi-motion simulator experience
    Ride duration: more than 5 minutes
    Setting: underwater, sea monsters (scary atmosphere)
    Cost: $15,5 millions
    Minimum height: 1,25 meters
    Specifics: 2nd e-ticket ride in Monsters of the Sea, never used 4D technology in RCT3

    by RCT D!

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    This is actually beyond amazing...

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    I just caught myself drooling while watching that video! Its actually incredible

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