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Thread: “RCTW Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes”

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    “RCTW Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes”

    RCT Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes 2015

    Hello everyone, this week we are holding a RCT Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes! We are asking our fans to create some epic Valentine’s-themed parks and rides in RollerCoaster 1, 2, or 3!

    -Park or Ride must be Valentine’s Day!
    -Entries must be video or 1 Screenshots
    -Submit Entries in this thread starting at 6:00 PM Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Central Time (CT)
    Click HERE for official rules!
    Atari Privacy Policy

    Deadline: All entries must be submitted by February 13th 6PM central time.

    Prizes: RCTW T-Shirts!

    {An example project from last year’s Valentine’s Day!}

    {thread will be unlocked and posts will be allowed starting at 6:00 PM (CT)}
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    Sweepstakes is now Open!

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    USA only... Bummer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Boland View Post
    USA only... Bummer...
    ^ This. It is indeed a shame.

    Oh well, I look forward to seeing the submissions.

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    Happy Valentine's Day

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    I made this video a few years back when I bought the digital version of RTC3 on steam. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Note: Skip to around 1:30 to see POV. I used to make my intros long for some reason.
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    USA only?! Wow, that certainly is a kick in the balls... I think a lot of people in this community are not US based. Why not host a worldwide competition? This is really a let down !
    You might want to add that to the post / thread title. Not all read the rules.

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    US only

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    Nooo, USA only.

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    My ride is in production

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