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Thread: Collectors Editions & Special Editions

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    Lightbulb Collectors Editions & Special Editions

    I just wanted to pick ur guys brains on your opinions of RollerCoaster Tycoon World Releasing special Editions (With Bonus DLC) and/or a special Limited Edition Collectors edition which could include something like an art book, Steel book Case, Limited edition ingame mascot and/or rides & Model or Figure for example The Games Mascots Standing together... I personally am a big sucker for collector editions of games & would probably cream my pants at the prospect of this, but what are your thoughts on the ideas of a Collector/Special Edition being available for limited period after release.

    Maybe even just something like a pre-order bonus would be awesome.
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    Sure, why not. Traditionally now it seems that if you spend an extra 10 or 20 dollars you get content. But that content is later released six months or a year later that cost 1.99

    As long as they dont send a boxed copy to me with a silk screened rag of the cover art, a collectors edition would be great.

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    No, I don't want a collector's edition. The base game plus a season pass for all future DLC is more than sufficient for me... since season passes seem to be the in thing these days.

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    If, and only if, they include remakes of old RCT1 and RCT2 scenarios. Sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iChase View Post
    If, and only if, they include remakes of old RCT1 and RCT2 scenarios. Sold.
    That would be awesome if they made a DLC pack like that... I'd love to see a remake of some of the old RCT 1 maps like Diamond Heights!

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    I would definitely buy a collectors edition. I think Atari has a lot of lot term fans and many would be very interested.

    I agree with the one post above mentioning a season pass for all DLC content..

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    I'm already saving for a collector's edition. Would be great if it did add something I can put on my desk (Borderlands 2 gave me a loot crate and a bobblehead).

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    Today, the folks over at Paradox who make hardcore strategy games announced there collectors editions. There was an new DLC today for 7.99, but the collectors editions have price tags of $119 to $399. That would be something that as fond as I am of the series, I do not think would be worthwhile (Nor do I think that Paradox was wise in pricing their collectors editions so high.)

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