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    Few questions to the developers

    First of all i have been a fan of the RCT series since the early days of RCT1. I really want to look forward to RCTW but it's hard to be hyped because we have seen so little footage or information about the game. We haven't seen any gameplay footage at all yet. So to me this still can go either way... really good, or really bad. Yet everything you SAY about the game sounds promising! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    The developers stated multiple times they are reading the forums and take all suggestions in consideration. I understand there is no time to answer all questions individually. Still i have some questions that i (and i think a lot of people) are very curious about. I hope we will see some answers to them trough the forums or a future blog. Either if they are positive or negative

    1. Custom music
    A feature i really liked in RCT3 is the ability to insert our own custom music to rides. It gives your coaster this unique feeling. Not to forget this is a must have feature when people are recreating rides. Will we be able to use our own music in RCTW?

    2. Rollercoaster Types
    In the last blog it was already explained we could place diffrent trains on diffrent tracks. Can you tell us a bit more about how this works? You already told we had 3 types of tracks (steel, wood, suspended) Especially within the steel section there are a lot of track types out there. Can we freely select a train and a track? Or does the track change with the train i choose? How will this system work?

    3. Peeps & Groups
    I really liked the groups in RCT3 as they are way more realistic then a park full of single visitors.
    The backside in RCT3 was that que lines were mostly empty and a LOT of peeps were just standing around waiting for other group members while doing nothing. Can you give us some information about how this will work in RCTW?

    4. Flat rides and theming
    we've seen some cool flat rides on screenshots, but those also made me wonder. For example we have seen a western style ferris wheel. I wonder if we also get the ferris wheel in other styles or at least a generic style to prevent that certain rides only look good in a certain part of the park.

    5. Flat Rides
    Can you give us a hint or slight direction about the amount of flatrides that will be in RCTW? And how many of RCT3's rides will make a return?

    6. Food and Drinks
    A much requested feature were restaurants. This feature was already confirmed to be in RCTW but im very curious about how it works. We also saw that the RCT3 style food stalls were still available, which i like! I can select a shop, plop it down, open it, and the guests will buy a drink and leave.

    Restaurants are a bit more complicated as people sit down for a while. I wonder how much there is to customise about those restaurants? Will they just be "ploppable" like the RCT3 food stalls? Or can we determine the amount of visitors it can hold? In short, how much can we customize? (Style, menu, visitors, etc)

    7. Dark rides
    Dark rides have been a confirmed feature in RCTW, yet we know nothing about it! Please make me hyped!
    I loved creating dark rides in RCT3 but the features just weren't there. We coundn't make it actually dark (besides nighttime). There were no coaster types supporting this, altough those became available through the fan base who did an amazing job!!

    In short, can you give us some more information about how dark rides will work?

    8. Transportation
    A big problem in RCT3 was that transportation rides were seen as regular rides instead of a way to get to another part of the park. Will RCTW feature transport rides?

    9. Entrance and Exit to coasters
    In my opinion RCT3 was very realistic, and thats the main reason i loved the game and i regularry play it to this day. (With a big thanks to the modding community who kept this game fresh after so many years)
    However the most unrealistic part for me were the entrances and exits to coasters. 1 boot where all peeps pass trough and then find place to sit in the coaster train. Ive never seen this system in a real life coaster so i hope RCTW will handle this in a diffrent way. Can you tell us anything about it?

    Thats all i have to ask for now, thanks for reading and i hope we will get some more news and information soon!! I WANT to buy this game and i WANT to get hyped!! But for that i need to know what im looking forward to
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