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Thread: when will the expansion packs be available

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    when will the expansion packs be available

    I am wondering when will the expansion packs be available to purchase and what will they be?

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    Let's get the game out first, then we can start thinking about expansion packs.

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    lol really, there's not even a official release date for the game let alone expansion packs.

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    Really? xD We don't even know when the game will come out xD

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    Lol, we don't even know if the game has expansion packs or that they will release additional content with updates.

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    i'm sorry to say this, but this question is absolutely stupid

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    How about you stop spamming the forums with stupid questions?

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    there are no "Stupid questions" Just stupid answers. And I don't care when the expansion packs come out anymore.

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    While not the best of questions, the rude answers aren't very good either.

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