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Thread: small & miner suggestions (most just decoration)

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    Smile small & miner suggestions (most just decoration)

    Here are some small things I like to see most are most are for decorations, I waited until most bigger suggestions got through before posting mine.

    1. Jungle theme.
    2. Flower Theme.
    3. Ride support lands on pool platform instead of floating in air.
    4. Be able to close of a pool area for ride exits maybe a pool version of a path exit sign that goes over a pool walkway.
    5. I like to see walls and fences back on the same square as in path square.
    6. lights on pool stairs
    7. upload/download rides to other people
    8. saving rides with scenery
    9. background music playlist instead of just repeating
    10. play some of the ride like quad bikes and go carts
    11. walk in attractions like the insect house, reptile house, Aquarium, Fun house, Mirror maze, Slide, Maze
    12. Pipeline Coaster/Heartline Twister Coaster does have the ability to do a 90 degree/turn up chain hill. (special chain hill
    13. (added 2/5/15) a water ride platform for tubing and and lift hill for tubes in center.
    14. (added 2 /12/2015) getting rid of scenery and land connected like in RCT3, or add it as a button, The reason for this is when I placed scenery in midair and put a swimming pool or changed the land. The scenery slightly moved out of place.
    15. Add a button so we can't place walls on the track, Literally on the track, It somewhat makes making a building tougher.
    16. please bring back the open and close doors for the smaller rides

    I always liked to make covered ride lines, this could also add to the effect of behavior like going underground to stay dry during the rain and slow down sunburn time (if they bring that back in RCTW.
    Last edited by Sangheili; 02-12-2015 at 06:01 PM. Reason: added a few more to list.

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    Hello Sangheili,

    I totaly agree with your suggestions, especialy with (1), (4) and (5).


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    Sorry people after I made the poll and then decided just after posting I was going to delete it but not sure how,It was one of those thing where it seems like a great idea first then realize later it was a terrible idea

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    Contact the admins

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    ok did and fix thanks all

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