Since there is no one from Atari monitoring (or at least responding) to anything on these boards, you might try tweeting a complaint to @Atari. I purchased tickets during the recent sale and they never showed up in my account. After not getting a reponse to my posts here on the board, i tweeted out my request for assistance and heard back from someone at Atari pretty quickly. It took a couple days, but they sent me a code to use that put the tickets in my account (though surprisingly, just for the 450 i was due. i figured they would toss in a few extra for my trouble).

I wouldn't recommend doing this for every problem we are having with the game, but if it is important enough, you might give this a try.

i also scolded them for not haveing someone monitor and reply to posts on the board, and they said they would rectify the problem - but that doesn't seem to have happened.