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Thread: Blog 3 Custom Scenery?!

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    Blog 3 Custom Scenery?!

    RCT3 was what it was because of us implementing custom scenery, the next blog is about coaster designs so if realistic roller coasters such as supports and catwalks etc isn't mentioned I'll be very worried.

    The screen shot shows amazing supports so surely it must be in the game if they want the game to be realistic?!!


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    Maybe they could use the Steam Workbench

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    Mattlab said they use concept art as their inspiration, so assume the supports will be as good as what's been shown.
    As for custom scenery, I hope we get something along those lines, to make our parks rich in immersion.

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    I would imagine that they will allow for custom scenery considering that is probably the main reason RCT3 has remained so popular so long after the final expansion packs release.

    The community made the game as popular as it is thanks to custom scenery, I don't think they'll want to risk upsetting some of the long time players by neglecting custom scenery

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    I would rather hear about the peeps and their AI before custom scenery. I'd like it to go like this:

    Blog 1 - Designing
    Blog 2 - Building/Attractions
    Blog 2.5 - Coasters
    Blog 3 - Peeps
    Blog 4 - Restaurants
    Blog 5 - Custom Scenery
    Blog 6 - New features we don't know about yet

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    Blog 3 is about coasters and supports, blog 4 about Peeps. Correct?

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    From what Mattlab said in blog #1, they will first cover the main Foundations: Designing, Building, Playing, and Sharing.

    He said the next blog would be about coasters, with the context being building coasters. Nothing mentioned about supports.

    The only mention of a blog to cover Peeps has come from members of the community posting or re-posting a list of what they would like to see.

    Perhaps Mattlab should adjust his schedule to blog about the topics we are eager for.

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    Oh how badly i don't want to read about "sharing", so not interested in that nonsense.

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    I really do hope we get to add walkways to our lift hills!! Ive always wanted them!

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