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Thread: REAL dinosaurs (expansion pack)

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    REAL dinosaurs (expansion pack)

    i know rct3 had fake animatronic dinosaurs, but i think it would be cool if you could have REAL dinosaurs in your park that you could keep in pens, much like how you could keep zoo animals in pens with the wild expansion pack. and that you could set viewing areas up for the guests to observe the dinosaurs, much like it was in wild where the guests could view the animals. it would be cool and it would be like making your own jurassic park with all kinds of rides and stuff. ESPECIALLY since Jurassic World is coming out soon

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    Should we get Wild again, then a subset for it, or future DLC with these would be great. We would have the enclosure idea, the tour ride, etc. But we probably would not want a disaster event like Tyrannosaurus Rex run rampant

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    yeah.... they would probably have to just not put that the dinosaurs can escape in the games code. then they'll never get out

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    thanks for liking my idea

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    What are we playing jurassic park operation genesis now?

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    Run, little peeps, run! Muwahahahahahaaa!!

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    well, it would be like jurassic park with roller coasters and rides. lol. they would have to make it to where the dinosaurs can't get out. lmao

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    I like your idea and also i suggested a jungle theme, It would be nice for a jungle dlc type. I don't like dlc but this is the only one i would even buy since it makes to much sense which is kinda scary because it doesn't seem to fit the main game yet i like the idea, The DLC could include dinosaurs,Jungle scenery, path and items on the path, and buildings kinda like in RCT2.

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    @sangheili- thank you, and thats a great idea, bundling the dinosaurs with the jungle theme. they could call it Dino Jungle or something ^_^

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    Certainly, if the base game shows all the elements are in place, a travel ride-tram or train, or even programmed jeeps, then enclosures, then animals with keepers, feeding, vets, why not the leap to add Dinosaurs. They are just animals with different sprites...

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