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Thread: Only Four Themes?

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    Only Four Themes?

    DISCLAIMER: I posted this in both the General Discussion as well as the Ideas and Feature Requests forums because I feel it kind of fits in both; please let me know though if this is not acceptable and I will choose one or the other from now on.

    "In addition to having more building options, we are also making sure that all of our in game objects fall into one of four unified themes: Western, Space, Americana, and Pirate."

    While all of those themes are exciting and will no doubt contain enough material to do a lot with, they still leave certain categories (at least seemingly) unrepresented. Take pure Fantasy for instance; I realize that RTC doesn't have a Disney license but the ability to make castles, mascots like "princesses" or "knights", and medieval-styled scenery would be welcome.

    A few other themes that I sincerely hope will be included (via future DLC if not in the original release):

    Wildlife and Aquaria: The Wild! expansion for RTC 3 added so much to that game; players could create parks that at least vaguely reflected the theme of real-life ones such as Tampa Bay Busch Gardens. Including aquaria would add a Sea World-like element for your peeps to explore.

    Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals: I'll be honest; this was my favorite sub-set of objects to work with in RTC 3. I love dinosaurs and made some awesome safari and water rides among the paleo-themed scenery. I'd really, really miss this if it wasn't included in RTC World.

    Spooky: Perhaps this is a sub-set included in one of the existing Main Themes such as "Americana"; at any rate you just can't have a great RTC park without a great Haunted House/Castle for peeps to be thrilled by.

    International/Ethnic Themes: One of my favorite parks is Busch Gardens Williamsburg with its distinctive "lands" whose architecture and ride names reflect different European countries (the Loch Ness Monster in England, the Red Baron in Germany, etc.). I hope the building materials provided in RTC World will truly offer the ability to make a "world" of flavors.

    Anyway, thanks for hearing me out.

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    I 100% agree with you, however i think even more themes would be good as well. Such as Future theme (Somewhat like Disney's Epcot but with influences from good TV shows like Firefly and Mobile Suit Gundam)

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    i would also like a beach theme, a desert theme and a snowy/icy/winter theme

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    i expanded upon your dinosaur idea to have REAL dinosaurs

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    Have you seen this thread?

    You may want to stop on by

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    Thanks; I did. That looks like a pretty comprehensive bunch of themes there. Any idea whether any of them may make it into either the original release or possible future expansions?

    A semi-related question: if each of the four areas players have to build with are as large as Atari suggests, I would think you could fit several themes/sub-themes within each. Many of the Sandbox parks I created with RTC 3 have several distinctive areas with themed scenery ranging from Caribbean to Spooky to Sci-fi to Paleo and more, all in the same park; surely RTC World wouldn't actually be more limiting in that regard...right?

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    No clue about what the future holds. Or the size of the park. Hopefully the Devs will like what we list here, and open it up for future discussion and development

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    Quote Originally Posted by king_austin95 View Post
    i would also like a beach theme, a desert theme and a snowy/icy/winter theme
    Yes, yes and yes !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel View Post
    Yes, yes and yes !
    thanks for liking it lol

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    I agree on more themes too-especially the Spooky one-that theme on RCT3 was awesome-made a whole park of it-but how's about I throw one more theme-what about the DECADES? RCT2 had some good ones from the 20's(gangsters, flappers)to the 60's(hippies, Woodstock)

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