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    Harder Difficult

    Hope RTCW will get a hard mode or something like that! With maybe little things too unlock like coaster-trains or a special even harder little Campaign. In RTC3 it was impossible too loose and no challenge at all, of course it was fun but i like it if its not that easy to reach 100% gamestatus.

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    What is hard? Do you start with less money? Then the game takes longer. Do you make Peeps only desire to ride those attractions that are high and Very high excitement, or beyond a certain level so most coasters and thrill rides wont be ridden, forcing more design time (but what park would be like that. Parks are for families with all levels of desire)

    Do you have the rides break down more often? But then you hire and train your mechanics.

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    i DO NOT want ANY coaster blue prints or car themes locked away behind hard mode. if they do have unlockable stuff i want it to be unlocked by getting to tycoon level in certain scenarios of the game, not in a hard mode. getting to tycoon level is hard enough

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    In my opinon the Tycoon Level was really too easy and the campaign too short even with all addons. If i reached Tycoon Level my Park looks unfinished and i unlocked a new scenario. After i unlocked a new scenario i want play it but on the other hand i want build all my "unfinished" parks till end.
    RTC1 for example with the time cap did it a bit harder. Maybe set the goals just higher so im not finished after half an hour.
    Hard is that you not finished after a few minutes with the primary setup. Maybe some unexceptet ideas like workes have an accident or just get ill and you have to manage that somebody else do this job in this time. Or it can starting snowing after tyccon-level so not all rides can operate and you need enough money from the summer that you can afford all things till next season.
    The nature could also be nasty and make it a bit harder or even damage some rides that need too repaired then via click and some workers. Give me some time and i find more things like this too make it harder and more realistic.

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