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Thread: The "I so do not want a Hotel/Resort game within our game" thread

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    Yes Stefan, there are now 100's of threads and I expect more than 10 where Park Managers (what is a nifty term we can call ourselves) have clamored for Hotels, without ever having a SOLUTION that fits the franchise.

    We are not negative here. We are congregating and letting Atari know that we do not want this feature, that we are certain that it would detract from the core gameplay, and that we do not think it can be made to work.

    If you would like to go kibbitz with those of like mind who wish to have the feature please do, We shall meet you there and give a thumbs up to ideas we like, and a thumbs down to ideas we dislike.

    But there are far too many forum threads where all we hear are how much Park Managers want this and don't have anything to say as to how it should be supported.

    So stop the madness. Sign the Petitions. Stand up and say proudly. Hotels are verboten. Make that its own game elsewhere and I will buy and Play it. But do not ruin my RCT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
    buy the expansion pack
    Hotels as an expansion Pack, but it's own self enclosed world with that monorail to get to and from our RCT separated parks.

    I am old enough to have been young enough to experience Disneyland the first time via the Monorail from the hotel that was across the street from the main park, in the sixties. That would be the best way to do things and realistic as well as historical.

    You do not want a Peep to go to the park for an hour, and then leave by a gate and be direct in the hotel lobby (though you can almost do this at Disneyland now with the Grand Californian Hotel) In a real park, should you by lucky and there be short queue lines of peeps, you might hit 2 rides. So in reality a very very small percent of Peeps go back and forth from park to hotels in the real world throughout the day.

    Life imitating Art, you eat breakfast go to the park, a few go to the hotel for lunch but most stay in the park for lunch, then back to the hotel for dinner and evening activities, or back to the park for a ride and the fireworks.

    Real world back and forth, versus Rollercoaster Tycoon timescales still do not mesh.

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    If you ask me, it seems like to much extra work. And plus not all parks have a hotel/

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    To be honest i like the idea of a disney like themed park! Would be cool if you could build the hotels from the ground up

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    ^But you can do that now.

    There's nothing in RCT3 that prevents you from building a hotel. It just doesn't function as a hotel.

    I think what some people are wanting is gameplay where it is treated as an actual hotel/resort, so you have peeps using it, being satisfied by it and it provides both an income and expense. I'm just not sure how you can do that unless it's a pre-made ploppable item so that it functions similar to a flat ride. That might work but I suspect it wouldn't have the realism some seem to want.

    One can already construct a hotel structure, you can add food vendors and shops to it (although both of those items certainly could be improved), and we had pools in RCT3. We've been told we'll have something more akin to an actual restaurant in RCTw. I'm wondering what else is there needed really? Theme park hotels are mainly used for sleeping, I'm not sure who'd want to have sleeping peeps in a RCT game. Some people who build hotels in RCT3 simply hide a flat ride or show inside as a reason for peeps to be seen visiting the building.

    It's not that anyone is saying having hotels is a stupid idea. I think the objections being made to the idea are mainly about using limited resources for something that would have limited impact in game-play, and for which there are already work-arounds that seem to satisfy most people.

    If someone can come up with an idea that adds something to game-play without using up limited resources perhaps better spent on things more players might use, then I, for one, would love to hear about it.

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    Why the focus on the peeps not in your park anyway? I dont want to see peeps sleeping in hotels, or do any other unrelated park things. Lost kids or kids having tantrums is more park realistic. BTW, Parking lots serve no purpose either, but wasted space.
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    These are great comments. I have been following the hotel threads (as well as the others) and the observations made here are very similar to the ones we are sharing in the developer meetings. Fundamentally, when does a potential new feature start to veer away from the spirit of the original concept? Is it necessarily a bad thing? Does it feel like a natural extension of the brand? Very helpful to the dev team to read these conversations from the Community. Keep them coming!

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    Id rather make a fake hotel. looks real and i can even add shops to get people to go in and out. but as far as having working hotels i think its not worth the time for what could be a gimmick. not all parks have hotels.

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    LONG time Tycoon game player, long time lurker on various boards, but first time poster here. Dwwilkin, I have to respectfully disagree. When I first heard about RCTW, my first thought was "oh man, maybe this is the one where they'll have the computing power to add hotels and a full-blown resort feature set!" That honestly would be my ideal game and I sincerely hope there is at least a "Resort" expansion in the future (assuming that such a feature set is out of reach for the initial release if it isn't being created already).

    RCT is about imagining and creating the most fun environment ever. I 100% see the addition of resort features to be consistent with that. Instead of creating one destination, you are creating a whole make-believe vacation experience. I for one would love to decorate hotel lobbies, plan the transport between sites, and create awesome pool features. That's fully in line with RCT's vision.

    I've always been a little puzzled by the argument that "peep psychology and peep time preclude hotels because the day is too short, and they can't be going back and forth all the time." That's only true if peep time is exactly the same as it was in RCT3. But that doesn't have to be the case. Let's face it, there should be nothing sacred about a timeline that has peeps in the park for multiple years but only going on 4 rides, or one that skips several months at a time. It's just the way the old game worked for certain old game reasons. Let's switch it up and make other things possible.

    What if a full day/night cycle took an hour of playtime? Peeps could still walk around a at a reasonable on-screen rate. They could go home to their hotel each night and come back to the park in the morning. You could still see your fireworks display with regularity, and it wouldn't take a ridiculous play session to see both day and night (And don't forget about the fast forward button if you really want it) "But Josh!" they say "that means construction happens in like a nanosecond and that is stupid and not realistic at all!" "True," I say, "but it's not any less realistic than the in-the-park-for-a-decade phenomenon." Something's gotta give and that's ok.

    So please, Dre, Mattlab and assorted other devs, please consider giving us functioning hotels and some point in the future. Consider making it optional (in sandbox maybe you have a "park" option and a "resort" option). Don't force it on people, like Dwwilkin, who don't want it, create a time system that works for the features offered, and let us go wild making [Your Name Here's] World Resort Vacation Destination.

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    I think there is no escaping the "peep being a decade in the park phenomenon" (and to be honest I can't be bothered about it.) Even if the day/night cycle is an hour the peeps would still need to be in the park for multiple game days otherwise the peeps would only spread out to a small patch of the park (and you'd have an RCT3-esque situation where half your park won't get visited.)
    For peeps to spread out around your park you'd need a day/night cycle that's 4 or 5 hours long maybe and nobody wants that. We'd all have to wait for ages for the next fireworks display/parade/or whatever they dream up next.
    You have to accept that even with a longer day/night cycle and with a resort expansion pack that peeps won't go to the hotel every night and will still be in the park for years on end. It's just a consequence of simulation time. An RCT game not on simulation time would be boring. You'd have to wait for months (years?) to get enough money to buy your next flat ride, let alone build a coaster.
    So if a resort expansion is announced it will function just as any other part of the game. Peeps go to the hotel after a decade in the park. stay there for a couple of years and then return to the park for another decade of fun.

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