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Thread: The "I so do not want a Hotel/Resort game within our game" thread

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    The "I so do not want a Hotel/Resort game within our game" thread

    There are a lot of Peeps clamoring for this as an expansion pack, or a feature of the game. Peeps will leave the park go to the resort, then come back to the Park.

    We analyzed this to death in the previous forums.

    Still no one to my satisfaction has ever come up with a way to manage Peep Time and Peep psychology the way we understand things from the first three iterations of the franchise.

    Then when the request shows up in the forums now, still that remains unanswered well.

    But what becomes more elaborate is what they want Peeps todo at these resorts that are requested. So much requested that they are asking for an entire game with the theming, style, look and feel to match what RCTW will be.

    Great, Atari, take all these suggestions and make a new game. Give RCTW a little direction to have a transport ride go off to a "Cloud" link on a server to a resort that has been built in an entirely new game you sell to those who want the Resort game.

    I do not want this to clutter up my RCTW. I think the concept of time will be something that can not be synced up to fit within the logic of RCT. So take it off camera. Give it a separate game which it now sounds like.

    It can be a great time down to 1st person control of the Peep scheduling their tennis court time and then going to play, and those gamers who want carnival/stall games can play a pong like version symbolizing their tennis match, or throw in a subgame of a Tiger Woods like golf sim (like the first TW game) for when the 1st person controlled Peep goes off to the links that are built at the resort (Or even use a SimGolf like interface within the entire game to design your 18 holes, making a subgame within the game for that)

    But as you can see, to make a resort game, it can quickly bloat to more options than we are sure to get in RCTW

    I might even play a separate game as well done as the RCT franchise has been. The current hotel/resort sims are nowhere near the quality of "OUR" franchise.

    I just do not need Resorts/Hotels to clutter up my experience with RCT

    I hope that only those in solidarity with my thoughts will post in this thread. Those who want hotels/resorts have many places to discuss their wishes elsewhere, those who don't want this feature have no other place dedicated to air their thoughts at present.

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    I do so agree. And not as an expansion pack either, because it eventually makes people have to get it, just to have this feature, or get that new ride, otherwise known as hidden features.
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    I want peeps priority to get on rides that I have made and shop at food courts and gift shops. Hotels, lounges and lodges should be out of the game. Just leave the park when tired and come back later. It's not like you see the peeps in the building anyway. All you will see is Bunny/Rabbit holes.

    No Thank you

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    One can add 'hotels' and resorts to RCT3 now...all it takes is "imagination", something that I think some people forget all about.

    One can add pools and food vendors to a structure built with custom scenery (or even in-game scenery if you want) as we speak. Exactly what else do you want? Peep's that go to a room and sleep? Peep's that go to a convention - and sleep? How exciting!

    I'm just not seeing what else is needed besides what we already have.

    I'm not in favor of bogging the game down even more with "Thrillville"-style crud when that would likely mean we'd have to have smaller benches, fewer rides, less details, and smaller crowds. If I want to model a resort hotel I can do exactly what I have been doing, even if that requires a little 'pretending' on my part.

    Games often require that.

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    I have Thrillville, you don't even need a chain to go uphill.
    @wab the only suggestion I see on the pool is when you have 3 water rides that lead into a pool and there is 20 people swimming in it. it would be nice just to have a exit pool as a option for people to get off the ride from that way instead. and they also tend to hit the bottom of pool every time.

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    i dont want actual working hotels. ill take peeps boarding the rides over anything that deals with resorts

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    Yeah I think resorts as more than a rabbit hole doesn't really work either.

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    One of the reasons I want is because it's something new for the franchise. We've already gotten waterparks and safaris (and I hope we get them again), but I think RCTW: Resorts would be a great expansion pack to add to the collection.

    Think of Universal Orlando Resort. Everything is connected together. That's my idea of a resorts expansion pack. It would allow you to build multiple parks (2-3 at max including waterparks/safaris) at once on the same huge property. You could build hotels (style is pre-designed but you can pick the amount of floors). People can leave the park and go to the hotel whenever the feel like it. It wouldn't affect the park's success or popularity but would just bring in extra revenue (or less revenue if it's bad). They would be rated separately.

    With resorts, a monorail would then make more sense. Look at Disneyland Resort. It would add an entire new dimension to the game. I don't want it to be a crucial part of the gameplay, but with the expansion, we would be able to manage an entire resort instead of just one park.

    If someone doesn't want to buy the expansion pack, then they wouldn't. If someone does, the theme park and hotel management would have different tabs so you don't have to worry about both at the same time.

    If we get the same exact game again (as far as gameplay and possibilities), there won't be many new fans and players gained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
    If we get the same exact game again (as far as gameplay and possibilities), there won't be many new fans and players gained.
    I agree Marvin, this forum is also meant for out of the box thinking. You may not agree with everything but every idea has pro's and con's and I don't like the overall negativity of this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
    I don't like the overall negativity of this thread.
    Then perhaps there are other threads here more to your liking?

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