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Thread: MASSIVE List Of Ideas/Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo View Post
    All good. But I would add - flexible paths. The grid system is way, way outdated.
    I think the grid system has it's place but should be optional.
    I mean there are cases in which you might want to align two attractions (for instance two roller coasters.) this could be an absolute pain without a grid but if you could apply a temp grid it becomes a breeze. Same goes for some of the scenery (like custom sized buildings). For it to work however you should be able to align the grid to scenery, paths, shops and rides.

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    I'm not sure in 3 but in 1 and 2 the grid was partially used by peeps for getting lost if they were in a square with 4 ways can't remeber where the article was though. I'f this is the case for 4 also then they will need to change how ppep behavior is affected also.
    p.s peep behavior has changed so they won't act like they did in 1 and 2
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