Hey, New game update is now available.

New Stuff:

- Adds Janitors with Janitor Building. They clean up the park for 5000 coins a day each. They are needed to keep plants watered, grass green, and paths tidy. On that note...
- Adds Guests being able to puke and litter. Also adds trash cans and First Aid buildings to allow guests to not pollute your park.
- More Goals
- Adds Game sounds for rides (haven't heard them specifically)
- Chains added to coaster lift hills (FINALLY)

This thread is for discussion and listing any bugs/issues with this update. Consolidating it all should help the devs if they read this.

I had a strange freeze that didn't shut the game down but froze the game. I had to kill the game via task manager. I removed a rocket blast ride and it happened.

Also, what is the "Space" building stated in one of the goals? Need to build a lighted path between the Space Shuttle, a rocket ride, and a "space" building, but nothing is listed as such in the game. Can anyone help with that?