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Thread: Why so serious?

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    Why so serious?

    Excuse the title, but why is everyone so skeptical about the game? I understand that rct4 was a horrible micro-transaction mess, but i suspect its real purpose was to create some extra funds to develop this game. The developers have announced good things so far, even if being somewhat vague. Is it because of the new developers? Or has it just been too long since 3 and too close to revivals such as Simcity 4?

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    I think its because we don't get much interaction with the development like we do with nearly all games in the industry now. If you have heard of Star Citizen, two years before release date and you still can do this, you can just turn up to their studio and have a tour and give feedback. As they are making the game for us after all. They even post what their doing on youtube showing the actual game code, far higher level of open communication than any other company does (also most successfully funded by players too now which is in the Guinness world records).

    Sim City 2013 did the same of not listening to its fans and it did its own thing. And that was a train wreck as it had features people didn't like, and was giant stain on the franchise. The always online, the tiny cities, the lack of proper mods... it was just awful and ruined the future of SimCity... its unlikely they will make another now for a decade due to how much the fans hated it.

    Innovation is good and all, and often the main driving force to bring up an old franchise, but that doesn't guarantee we will like the direction.

    Developers have a habit of adding things they think are good but players often disagree. And most devs now allow open betas and direct communication through development, so that the game is made how we want it, some times companies refuse to adapt to that modern way of thinking (Atari for one). EA have finally woken up and give us really early BETAs and development testing environments for feedback to devs directly, Battlefield 4 is a good example of that. There are also some stupid dev companies who put a price on early access so you "pay" them to test their game... only suckers fall for that nonsense (Elite Dangerous is a good example). You can only win with a game product if you make a game based on what people want rather than "assume" that the ideas you made will also be liked by the fans. Its a gamble.

    The other problem here is - lets say we play RCT:W beta and it has features we all hate, theres no time to remove it and add something else, simply because the game is out in a few months. Thats not a lot of time to replace core features if people hate it - which why you need early communication on these things so we can feedback, but have very little information.

    And given all the mobile and nintendo 3D versions of this game that game one ( that no one ever wanted ) suggests Atari are not great at catering to what fans actually want.

    But we equally could all be proved wrong (rare in the game industry that happens).

    Not to mention that very few game websites or youtube channels even have articles about this game, Atari haven't even tried to advertise it. So the lack of awareness of the game even existing is a problem if they hope to sell anything. I don't think I ever seen articles on IGN or GameSpot since the first initial announcement.
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    I see your point. But assuming the devs have been truthful so far, they have said that most core features would be similar to that of previous games. Some things like using nodes in tracks instead of blocks or dividing the park into sections could end up being horrible, or be great improvements.

    The fact that they went out of their way to announce specific things such as no micro-transaction and offline mode at launch gives me the impression that they are specifically avoiding situations like Simcity. RCT is one of Atari's most famous series, and they know this. I doubt they would allow features that would turn the game into a one way hype train to the salty spittoon. <-- (Figure it out)

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    People are starting to get serious only because it's still advertised as a early 2015 release,which is now.

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    Don't forget the switch in development with little explanation as to why, especially this close to launch.

    Early 2015 is out of the question though, because the devlog stated they were still doing alpha tests. That confuses me though, because Pipeworks seemed to have gotten far in development, from the screenshots we saw.

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    Maybe the feedback from the initial Alpha tests showed some issues that just were not being resolved and Atari pulled the plug on Pipeworks and handed it off to Area 52 due to lack of confidence.

    The biggest worry I have is the lack of visual progress and the deadline approaching. Early 2015 I think Q1...Jan-Mar. With the probability of beta still happening, makes that timeline almost impossible, especially with a developer change. I have no doubt the game will be good, just lack of faith in the timeline and progress seen to date.

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    Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts. I know this is going to sound cliché, but Atari does have some announcements coming soon touching on some of these subjects.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dre_Roberts View Post
    Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts. I know this is going to sound cliché, but Atari does have some announcements coming soon touching on some of these subjects.

    Your right that is cliché - the industries definition of soon is literally from minutes to infinity lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dre_Roberts View Post
    Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts. I know this is going to sound cliché, but Atari does have some announcements coming soon touching on some of these subjects.

    My suggestion to Dre and Mattlab, as the two conduits for information between us and the Company and Developers would be to use specific dates, i.e. Wednesday, or Next Week, instead of the generalizations of 'Soon' or Early. Only because after each person who has a different interpretation of what a non specific time period is and if that period has passed for them, the forums start to clog with Where is the Post, Where is the Post, Where is the Post, posts and it becomes the predominant thing that Peeps are talking about.

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    noncommittal (adj): (of a person or a person's behavior or manner) Not expressing or revealing commitment to a definite opinion or course of action.

    Synonyms: give nothing away, dodge the issue, sidestep the issue, hedge, pussyfoot around, beat around the bush, temporize, shilly-shally, vacillate, waver; hem and haw; informal duck the question, sit on the fence.

    You get the point.

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