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    If Atari wanted to milk this franchise for all it's worth; It'd behoove them to sell a physical boxed version. And paid addon packs or downloadable content. The fact that they haven't - means they aren't nearly as "devious" as I once thought. It's my belief Atari is either broke, lazy or just absurdly prideful (and ashamed) to continue. I suspect it's a combination of all three. (I wonder: Do the RCT-branded games and apps turn a profit or just lessen a debt?) I say this knowing full well Atari no longer frequents here so it doesn't much matter... It's not at all shocking they haven't done anything else with RCTW.

    If they are turning a profit however... that money could be used to pay for game fixes, a repaired Custom Content Creator (or whatever it's called) and development of a hypothetical expansion pack: to include those "promised" Transport-types, Mazes, Water Slides, a rounded out selection of themed flats AND a possible Six Flags expansion. Interesting to think that the original partnership between the two companies could have seen a Six Flags expansion for RCTW, presumably.

    They won't be doing anything else to RCTW because they see the playing community as toxic. They also know the once "flagship" PC game is pathetic and would require a good deal of work (aka MONEY) to turn it around, assuming they could. But considering how they've handled the RollerCoaster Tycoon brand post-RCTW; I get the clear impression they'd rather pretend Rollercoaster Tycoon World and it's players don't exist -- which has been proven thus far...

    BTW, How's "everyone" doing? Safe, Healthy and Happy I hope!
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