I've always loved the creative tools of RCT3, which allow you to create the park of your dreams! As long as you dream in grid tiles, that is!

Still, my only issue is that once I have built a park, I have never felt encouraged to "play" it. Because the game's economy is so simple, it means that pretty much any park I build in sandbox mode will be just as possible to build in a custom scenario (with cash limits) too. What this means is that sandbox mode doesn't feel special, as having unlimited cash does not feel rewarding when it is so easy to make money in the standard game modes.

As a side project, I attempted to make some custom scenarios for RCT3 that are "strategic levels". I hope to release these soon, but in the mean time here's some stats about them:

**These may change as I develop the scenario**
1. You cannot simply rush-build your park, you must start with a small area and buy land as you go along. (An obvious one)
2. "Guests want to use pools" is not selected, as pools are usually extreme money makers.
+Facilities (toilets, atms, kiosks)
+A couple of trees and flowers
+Asphalt path
+Glass structures
+Basic benches, lights and bins
I would have liked it if food had different levels of "quality". Then I could have made burgers appear at the start of the level, while a pizza place would have to be researched later on (presuming that pizzas were higher quality). Instead, none of the shops are available at the start, because there is no quality level.
4. Guest generation rate will be much lower than 100% so that you need a decent park before people appear (I am currently testing it at 30%).
5. Because of the above, investments in marketing will actually be necessary.
6. The park will have a park entrance fee that can be modified, but all rides will be free.
7. Income should be so low that the main objective of the levels is to rely on challenges throughout the game for investment. For example, selling so many balloons for a local company will earn you a huge amount of money to be spent on expanding your park. This means that you have to favors for others instead of always relying on peep's incomes.

If you have any more suggestions, please state so! I will try to do a strategy level for each theme so that you can have fun with each one!