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Thread: Bonus Content for Pre Orders

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    Bonus Content for Pre Orders

    Many games offer bonus content for those who pre-order them.

    Without knowing much about the game yet I understand the concern that many have pre-ordering this game.

    Is bonus content a good idea for preorders ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncutt010 View Post
    Many games offer bonus content for those who pre-order them.

    Without knowing much about the game yet I understand the concern that many have pre-ordering this game.

    Would bonus content for this game help persuade your decision to pre-order? Is it a good idea?

    I just thought I'd throw this idea out there for developers..
    its a terrible idea. this is the kind of stuff i cant stand seeing in games because im one of those people that wants to enjoy ALL of the game. and if i didnt preorder soon enough to get the bonus content then i feel left out. we should absolutely not get pre order bonuses

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    I think this is a great idea! Even if the pre-ordered games just got a little added bonus like an exclusive scenario or something.

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    Yes - but it shouldn't be anything that other people can't get later. Maybe something special like a border or something, but nothing like an extra ride or anything because that's not fun if you don't get the pre-order...

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    -NO- its not fair that a person can get in game content like extra scenarios simply because they orderd it early before it's available in stores.

    Nothing wrong with an RCW bonus walkthrough tutrial guide that may tell you more features of the game.

    But to have more content like Coasters, buildings, mascots,flat rides and other content seems as if its cheating people who decide to be patient enough to wait until release date and pick up the game in stores off the shelf.
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    If the bonus content is eyecandy only, same stuff with different skins etc. or hats for TF2, I wouldn't mind.

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    No, it's a poor lesson to this gen and younger to always expect extras for pre-orders. As if getting pre-orders is bad enough.
    People get pre-orders or 1st day launch items, then gripe because it doesn't work correctly and/or not enough stuff for it.

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    Pre order and get a mascot and maybe a flat ride or rollercoaster. I think that seems fair enough

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    no no no no no no no no. absolutely no pre order bonuses. maybe some art or early access testing but absolutely no extra in game content over those who cant afford to buy early or dont want to buy early

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    Overall, I believe pre-order bonuses are a great means of securing more orders from the get-go, and gives an overall estimate on the success of the launch before it takes place. Whether it be a special attraction or two, a separate theme type, different scenarios...all of these are small things that IMO don't compromise the base game too unfairly for those that are unable to make the pre-order deadline. However to say someone missed the pre-order time, typically there are months in which pre-orders can be made...if you missed it, then you weren't paying enough attention to the game development anyways, so you probably won't notice what you aren't getting regardless.

    However, I do believe a better stategy is to have what other companies have done in the past, have Digital Deluxe Editions or whatever you want to call it, and have those for sale alongside the regular product at launch that may have added themes, attraction sets, scenarios, etc. This makes it 'fair' for those that complain pre-order bonuses are fair, and they provide an extra source of revenue for the developer. The recent Sim City comes to mind in particular...and although SC got mostly negative reviews, I think they got a lot right in the game structure, and just followed through poorly at launch and post-launch.

    Just my two cents.

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