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Thread: RCT Republished on Play Store

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    RCT Republished on Play Store


    Atari republished RCT Classic after they mistakenly put it free (everything explained here:
    The problem is, the "old" version won't be updated anymore and I don't even know how I'll download the game when I'll have a new phone.
    So I'd like to have a code to download the new version for free, including all the in app purchases. I can prove I bought all of this

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    Also, I tried to contact the support (email address on the play store) and it doesn't work

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    I also payed for this and the toolkit and now I'm also "left behind" on the old version. This is not how you treat customers get us the new version as well!

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    Well, they are honest devs: I just had to contact them on facebook, provide proof that I bought the game and the DLC's and I received codes to download the "new version" for free

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