ive been trying to get help for this game numerous times. occasionally i come back to see if its been fixed and today was one of those days. Not suprisingly its still not working. Ive had the pink toolbar screen and bad graphics since release. Ive tried multiple times on facebook, email, forum & tech for help and still to no avail.
The game still sits idle on my steam in the hope that one day i may get a genuine answer from someone who is willing to help me sort the issues i have.
Please dont even try to tell me to message tech support as now it wont allow me to put my pictures onto the message, nor does it have RCTworld as a game to select from the list...(dont get why..)
RCT W.jpgRCT W 2.jpg
I do hope someone reads this and actually gives me some constructive help, but i dont hold out much hope... The fact it sits constantly on my steam unable to play since release, i just want to be able to play the game without a pink screen and some stable graphics.
You keep messaging with these updates, new packs, but whats the point when i cant even play the game. Ive tried uninstalling & reinstalling multiple times, played around with all the settings. there must be someone who can help on the tech support team?

Many thanks,