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Thread: ImagineerTim's Piraten in Batavia {RCT3}

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    ImagineerTim's Piraten in Batavia {RCT3}

    An adventurous journey through the Chinese Sea awaits...
    Past the Sumatran Jungle.

    Batavia is burning and you want to go there?

    Station Artwork

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    Your lighting setup is always killer! Very cool screenshots. There's probably a few Disney Imagineers that are envious of your RCT3 skillz.

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    lol What I do has nothing to do with Imagineering concerning the Disney name coming withit.
    Its just creating rides or make existing ones diffrent
    Efteling is maybe greater inspiration or Phantasialand. Pirates and Big Thunder are superb rides

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    another concept artwork: "Discoveries"

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    another artwork of the ride
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