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Thread: Work to do

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    Work to do

    Hi @all and especially @new Team,
    I don't know who the new team is (and personally I don't care at all, if they have passion for the series and want to improve this game) but let's collect all the things that have to be done, to make this game good. I hope the few who are still on this forum can add all the things that they miss or want to be improved.

    So a few thoughts that I had (not in order, nor complete):

    • overwork the peeps
    • add the standard themes (western, vanilla, spooky, pirate(in a good quality)) and thats all until the game is repaired
    • add transport rides, water rides, dark rides (and make them dark in buildings)
    • bring the graphics to a level that is acceptable (maybe it's to late to change the style, because a light cartoony look is maybe easier to be made?)
    • rework the rides that are already in the game
    • add vanilla rides! (with this themed rides, every park looks the same)
    • let us decide where the entrances and exits are!

    So, what do you think has to be done to fix this game?

    And please: Start to communicate with us... Atari: check your subdomains, you have a forum here!

    Sincerly Caine

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    I agree with all of the above. I like the graphics though, i want better but it would strain my laptop and right now I can run the game prettt good.

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