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Thread: New Team

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    New Team

    Apparently there is a new team working on Rctw according to Steam. Now team you will ensure that you read all the constructive comments on here and act on them.?

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    Yes, lets discuss!

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    Tbh I don't expect much more than an in depth QA pass to get a comprehensive bug list and fix those rather than new content, features or development as such.

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    i really hope the new team is competent and well funded with an aim to make rctw as it was originally made out to be and what the fans of this genre want.
    if atari puts all the money it makes from all the rct titles they have on the go and then pumps it all into rctw to get the game up to a decent standard then theres a chance they might turn it around and make rctw into the rct flagship it should have been BUT...
    i fear its just a bunch of noobs who are gonna get paid pennies to add more junk, if thats the case then they may as well not bother imo.
    the amount of work required to get this game worth buying is massive and throwing a few band-aids on it wont fly. the only way to make this game turn its review score around is to take it head on and...

    1. deliver clear info from the devs regarding plans and aims and take feedback on it before implementing anything that could be seen as worthless or stupid (listen to the players of the game not the guy upstairs who thinks he knows whats gonna make the most money, he is most likely wrong as evidenced by the roaring success of pc (made lots of money) and the resounding hatrid of rctw (made very little money after the preorders) at the end of the day a good product that players enjoy is what will make the money)
    2. fix the main broken stuff (CTD, UGC import and upload, temperamental stuff like pxp and water issues, maybe tweak paths a bit more although they are reasonable nowadays they could be better)
    3. refine the AI code to run better if that means removing things like peep perks i wouldnt mind i never found those to be of interest and are almost certainly slowing code down.i would much rather more peeps running at a better fps than having the code be running lines that check if the peep likes western or not. maybe keep perks on the influencers but general peeps dont need that nonsense they need EIN preference and the normal stats (hunger, toilet etc.).
    4. an overall AI refinement is really needed so peeps dont go in circles for no reason. imo every peep should have a map of the park so they can goto the ride/shop they want to goto. thats how irl themeparks work they hand out/sell maps at the gate and everyone knows where stuff is they dont wander aimlessly and go on rides that they are not interested in. the ai is dumb as rct3 was and it irritates me seeing them all converging down the center of a path walking to something that they have no reason to goto. a study of the ai just makes me facepalm constantly and so it is a major reason i dislike the game as it means theres nothing i can design that will work as you plan, the ai is too dumb to make use of your park properly and will do some truly ridiculous things, ive watched single peeps on there entire visit many, many times and very few (if any) of them make sense throughout the whole visit.
    5. check the rates of peep stat change, they all mope around in a bad mood either because they are too stupid to act on their needs appropriately or because the need changes happen too fast i personally think both are problematic with peeps always being tired or needing the toilet after every ride that has a bit of a queue, pandering to the dumb ai needs just leads to dozens of toilets,info,shoptypes spattered on mass everywhere in the park or watch them moan while doing terrible animations. its just not fun or pretty dealing with the current systems.
    6. add depth to the shallow features (staff, shops, management) (staff training to raise effiveness/speed) (shops that can sell different stuff and show proper buy for/sell for/profit options. no more kid shirt shops separate from adult shirt shop (my god the person who came up with that i hope they got the sack) just a merch/food shop that can sell anything from the range of available stuff and the shop size limits the number of items that shop can have available, a few default setups for speed and ease like a clothes, toys, fastfood, snacks, gourmet, veggie shop types but you can go into its options and change it after its placed to sell other stuff too/instead)
    7. balance the finances right across the board, once the ai has a clue what its doing and the shops have some management to them the park income will be be drastically different as currently a lot of potential income is lost to peeps wandering aimlessly and other stupid actions. if the ai was better the income would rise somewhat and so a re-balance would be required to add a degree of challenge that is currently missing from the game. i feel as though its currently balanced to be very very easy to stay profitable to offset the dumb AI thats actually wasting potential income, that isnt balance its just a band-aid over a buggy AI
    8. spruce up the graphics and lighting (fix that stupid day/night cycle, give night some darkness, make it pretty again, get lighting ready for dark rides),
    9. get the animations sorted (peeps and rides, maybe some flatride runmode options)
    10. make flatrides recolourable (just a few channels to make stuff our own and fit in a bit better with our decor)
    11. add flatride themeing options (maybe make barebones versions of flatrides so PXP decor can be added to them making total refits of rides possible)
    12. add transport, water and dark rides (make sure the transport functions as transport not just a ride that looks like a monorail that peeps have not understanding of its functionality) (might be a good time to reassess the EIN across the board it is mind boggling to make sense of, for a start make it consider all 6 axis of Gs rather than just 4 i cant understand how excitement and intensity can be assessed without taking the forward acceleration into account, then make it work in a way that makes sense and provides predicable results)
    13. add more assets to make our darkrides and parks more varied (dont forget to fluff out the current pxp packs cause they could do with being expanded rather than just adding more half baked themes)

    thats the biggest points that need to be addressed before i would consider changing my review from negative to positive.
    and do it in that order i dont want more assets that dont fit with anything that i can add into my broken park. i want current stuff to be better not just more rubbish stuff, that junk does nothing to make me want to return to the game that i dont like cause its shallow, buggy and half baked.
    i dunno why im actually posting this its nothing new i said all this before and look where we are, almost 2years on and a broken game that plays like a ugly badly animated park art package that i cant get any enjoyment out of because im looking for a game where my actions can make or break the running of a predictable and understandable simulated themepark.
    irl humans are prdictable, themeparks are designed to cater to the needs of humans, in rctw peeps are dumb as can be and so designing a park has nothing to do with them as you cant predict what dumb will do, you can only make it visually appealing from your perspective which is why i consider it an art package.
    i could list more stuff like peep on peep collisions, voxel terrain, peep groups, weather and many many other little things that make the game more enjoyable but they are surplus to core gameplay i want a good core game not this half baked tat we have right now.
    sadly my expectations are so low i doubt that anything worth my time will come of this change of team. i went from a strong advocate of rctw at the first beta test to prolific bugtester throughout the pre-release to massively disappointed to see that atari were happy with and even proud of this lemon and theres no chance this new team are going to change me back with some minor bugfixes and more tatty PxP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaker86 View Post
    Tbh I don't expect much more than an in depth QA pass to get a comprehensive bug list and fix those rather than new content, features or development as such.
    If that is the case then they have missed a huge opportunity to turn things around and those thumbs back up.

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    I'm very surprised about that post on steam. I certainly didn't expect it. Not sure what to think of it either.

    Fine post Shirty, I hope they take notice.

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    I'll stick around to see what they can do, but my expectations are almost negligible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgath View Post
    I'm very surprised about that post on steam. I certainly didn't expect it. Not sure what to think of it either.

    Fine post Shirty, I hope they take notice.
    take notice? now i would be very surprised if they did that.
    many of my issues with this game are at the core of the game, tweaking them is a big undertaking as it can mean it affects a lot of other stuff in both positive and negative ways. for every core change they make there will be more things to change/fix and i doubt Atari want the new team to go down that rabbit hole.
    most likely Atari just want it to be a little more stable so it gets less complaints about CTD or outright failure to launch and so less refunds on the few sales it makes in the future.

    rather than turn the games image around and make decent sales on a decent game i fear that at this point they are happy with shipping a tat filled rubbish game and making a few sales off it. its not a good business model but its what ive come to expect. id love to be proven wrong, i really would like to be able to send Atari a thankyou for making the effort to create a game i can enjoy for endless hours as i have with past RCTs. my hours played of rctw is pretty huge (over 700) and id say 99% of it was not enjoyable as i wasted my time looking for faults and causes, reporting them and rechecking them after each update to find they are (practically) all still there and just as bad.
    i had such high hopes they were going to produce a decent rct successor but all i got was a title im inclined to say isnt even an rct and it sucks

    and theres also the very likely possibility they just want it a bit more stable to port it to run on this Ataribox thing they want to ship. the aim of the ataribox is most likely to target console owners as pc owners often dont like/need consoles. console owners are far less likely to know beforehand about the failings of rctw and could end up buying it blindly and atari can contain any disapproval of the game (control over refunds/ visible reviews) or approval of the competition on their own storefront (in otherwords more misleading the customers into buying a halfbaked product). or maybe they would just bloatware rctw into the ataribox i would personally avoid doing that as i feel rctw has negative value. if they bloatwared it into the Ataribox with its current features i would say that devalues the whole device and it would further devalue the pc version as well, "if they are giving it away on ataribox it mustnt be worth paying for then"

    whatever they do imo the only way to make longterm worthwhile money off this game is to get to the root of the problems and fix them properly, the demand for this game is clearly there as shown by the sales of the competition rctw could outperform those sales if it was a better game but that would take a lot of actual work not just throwing more junk at it. more junk at this point is a waste of everyones time and wont ever rescue the game from its derpy mechanics (gameplay mechanics and ingame mechanics both are badly designed and implemented) theres very very little to like in this game and thats its main downfall. they can blame trolls if they like but a troll with no ammo can do no harm, but everywhere you look rctw is full of ammo for customers to fire at atari.
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    I agree with you Shirty. And im probably to positive minded regardless but i would like to be proven wrong.
    The current product is not having much value concerning playability. I still enjoy it at times because i can upload my own created objects. The fact that i rarely have game-crashes helps. Doesnt take away the fact the core has to be altered in many ways. Hence my surprise to see a new team joining up on this.

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    Like a lot of people have said it is high time we had some more upfront communication with what the deal is. What, when and where. New content is good but without those bug fixes then there's no point.

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