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Thread: Please consider a full co-op mode

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    Please consider a full co-op mode


    I have read in some video game newspapers that the co-op mode would not be a full co-op mode. It seems that every player will have a part of the park and will not be able to build or change anything in the other part of the park.

    I understand that a full co-op can quickly lead to chaos and rage if 2 players doesn't have the same goal or project for a park and start to destroy each other constructions but I think that having at least a full co-op mode option is the futur for construction games. A lot of people play co-op with wife/husband or close friend and being able to build in the same area lead to a lot of interaction and discussion between players.

    Co-op mode start to be mandatory in video games today and we see it more and more in construction games (tropico 5 for exemple) but all we can do is building in the same map without being able to build in the same exact spot and share building. When I play tropico 5 with my wife, we start to talk a lot about the map, the ressources and which building we plan to build but after 15 min of gameplay we end playing "alone" because of the lack of interaction we can have.

    This is a big waste of opportunity in my opinion, so please consider adding a full co-op mode were you share everything.

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    A big fan
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    This is great insight @conit. Thanks for sharing!

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    I am watching a video of a strategy game with co-op mode on. It is interesting. I would think though the programming is in stages to get going. First multi-player, with the 4 players that have been talked about, then after that level is achieved, stable, and there are users on the servers, a co-op mode of two, or more people building one park together.

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    I do agree that co-op would be a lot of fun, where people can build parks alongside other realism fanatics or fellow peep torturers (Oh no!), that would cause some really interesting outcomes.

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    agreed. would love if co-op was an OPTION

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