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Thread: Few issues with the RCT Classic Steam release

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    Few issues with the RCT Classic Steam release

    I hope the developers of RCT Classic are still reading this forum, but here are the issues I found so far with the steam release:

    -Some FPS drops while scrolling/moving over the map/game-world. Drops to 45 FPS can occur (instead of the normal 60FPS.)Especially when zoomed out a bit. And yes, the game is on a SSD, so no reading data bottleneck here.

    -Scrolling horizontally over the map doesn't go as smooth as it should be: while scrolling horizontally over the map, the screen continously shakes a tiny little bit. But it is still really annoying. Also happens when the game is paused.

    -Importing rides, saves and scenarios still lets a message pop up about e-mail attachment. This should of course mention that you can copy any of these original vanilla RCT2 files to C:\Users\Documents\Atari\Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic to get the game to recognize it.

    Hopefully you can fix these bugs soon.

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    Atari Customer Support ChipmunkAtariCS's Avatar
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    Hi, there!

    We are sorry to hear you have encountered an issue in the game.

    Please send a support ticket at for better assistance.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Atari Customer Support.

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