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Thread: ImagineerTim's Aquatrax {Intamin Blitz/Atlantis Coaster}

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    ImagineerTim's Aquatrax {Intamin Blitz/Atlantis Coaster}

    ImagineerTim's Aquatrax Atlantis {RCT3}

    Multi Launch Coaster created in RollercoasterTycoon 3

    Deep down under the water, in an underwater fantasy world,
    we discover a magical machine...

    Inspired by all RCT3 Atlantis Rides and Lotte World's Aquatrax...

    More updates very soon...
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    I made some more progress.
    Very soon I'll start the indoor sections and the higher parts of the castle...

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    Teaser Video

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImagineerTim View Post
    Teaser Video

    Nice production value! Very cool.

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