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Thread: Atari Box

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    Interesting bit they forgot to mention in their PR announcement yesterday. Probably not prepared to risk any of their own money because Atari doesn't have much of 'their own money' is my guess. They certainly weren't willing to come up with any to spend on RCTw, or to even finish it.

    Maybe they figure that they were able to con so many fans out of $60 or so pre-ordering a title like RCTw and then giving them nothing but a poorly designed, incomplete game that the con might also work for this? I shudder to think what this console will turn out to be like if they follow the same worn path of hiring multiple companies with little or no experience while Atari meddles in the background promising more than they will even provide?

    I've no interest in hearing repeated assurances of "soon" and over-wrought PR hype again...

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    Last comment in the article by Atari:

    “We’re not teasing you intentionally; we want to get this right, so we’ve opted to share things step by step as we bring this to life, and to listen closely to the Atari community feedback as we do so.”

    Yeah right...... Listen closely to the community....

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    Oh it makes total sense! They will release the atari box in beta form, then the first few hundred people wont be able to complain as atari will make claims about how a final release will have updated features and improvements, then 6 months later they can call it final and people will have lost interest by then, so atari will have collected there money and run YET AGAIN the problem is that atari knows people who pre-order stuff are fools anyway

    Legal loopholes: You cant return a pre-order, and you can"t claim a product is defective if you knowingly pre-order an incomplete product. Hopefully people will start realizing this and stop pre-ordering this crap
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    Wait was this not what they tried to do with RCTW then said they had been too open with the comnunity during development?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaker86 View Post
    Wait was this not what they tried to do with RCTW then said they had been too open with the comnunity during development?
    I do believe that's what the head of Atari said in an interview, the one where he blamed the community for being trolls when they brought up issues in the game. But, just like many of the promises made for RCTw, those words have been forgotten as 'fake news' I guess.

    But no doubt soon there will be a shiny new forum with a fresh community manager, lot's of overwrought hype and PR-speak, invitations for community members to make suggestions - "we're listening!"...and then as soon as anything less than fawningly positive starts being given as feedback, the hype will end (as well as most communication...), the community will be blamed for any shortcomings or having unreasonable expectations ("you actually expected AAA game quality work for that AAA game cost???"), the community manager will soon disappear, and the forums will gradually be abandoned.

    And then Atari will announce their next great product!

    Standard Atari procedure, they are really getting quite well known for doing this...bigly. Sad!

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