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Thread: RCT1 on Youtube - Permission?

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    Exclamation RCT1 on Youtube - Permission?

    Hey RCT fans,

    I have a small YT channel with over 600 subs where I play RCT 1 (+ LL). My aim is, to finish successfully all scenarios (at the moment, I'm done with 25 % of the scenarios).
    RCT is one of the most popular games on my channel and has also a lot of user interaction (like "can you build this or that?").

    Since a long time i want a official permission from Atari or whoever is the owner of the rights of RCT.
    Because of that question, I wrote to the Atari-Support over a year ago. The result: Some reminders from me and a "we have forwarded your concern to the appropriate department" mail, but no answer. I wrote again three months ago... no answer.

    Now I ask here: Who can I ask for a permisson? Do I need one at all? Because when I see, how many RCT videos are on Youtube, from small Youtubers to the huge ones... I can't believe they all have a permission. Maybe Atari or whoever is the owner of the rights does not care about that?

    Just to clarify: I don't want to earn money with the videos (yeah, my channel is way to small to earn a meaningful amount of money), I play the game on my channel only for the entertainment of my viewers.

    Thank you.

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    Sure, Go ahead! RollerCoaster Tycoon is meant to be showcased! Show off your parks, coasters and more!

    Be sure to check out the RCT1 Creativity section to share your Youtube vids.

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