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Thread: How to save the RCT Franchise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wabigbear View Post
    First and foremost - admit your errors. Pretending that the past couple of years of RCTw drama didn't happen just won't work. Accept that your choices have alienated huge numbers of people, especially the core people of the community that stuck with you through three previous games. And for gosh sakes STOP PASSING THE BUCK! Trying to place the blame on the community for your errors is ridiculous...and you wonder why people were so angry? You may not like it but it WILL require Atari to eat some crow and to at least sound apologetic before many people are even going to bother listening to you again, let alone be willing to give you another chance. Secondly - learn what the word 'communication' actually means. Hint: it doesn't mean posting once in a blue moon and then abandoning the forums for the next few months. It also doesn't mean bushels of excessive hype or PR-speak that sounds like it's coming from an over-eager first year college intern. Thirdly - follow through on promises, even if they were just meant as 'possibilities'. Don't wait until rumors or those possibilities grow into 'certainties' to set the record straight. Once again it's that 'communication' thingy... Fourth - Stop being so overly protective of your work. It's not all that and a matching handbag. You may have promised a AAA title, but that's NOT wwhat RCTw is...not even close. There's a ton of stuff wrong with it with everything from flat rides that would kill you from the excessive rotation speeds to a UGC system that needs serious tweaking to come close to being the feature that was so hyped as setting this game apart. Stop taking it as being personal or act dismissive when people point out what's wrong or what they'd like changed. Doesn't make a hill of beans if you think your game is the greatest thing since sliced bread if your customers don't. On the flip side of this celebrate the things in the game that are done right - of which there are many but they get overshadowed by what's wrong. Fifth - engage your community. Do what's outlined in the first four steps above and then honestly and truly listen to the community. Bringing in someone to tweak gameplay is/was great...IF that person actually understands how the fans WANT TO PLAY, and doesn't decide to go with how he or she THINKS the game should be played, there's a huge difference. RCT isn't a normal game, fans have a great passion for it, tap into that passion. No, you can't give them everything they might suggest, but there's been years worth of want-lists out there that show the same things being requested over and over. And don't answer tech support questions with a canned response to submit a ticket when many people say they get no response to those tickets. Finally - Everyone is aware that Atari doesn't have endless resources to make this game, but that also doesn't mean that you have to settle for assets that just plain look cheap. Case in point - the game's peeps. Before adding another garbage can or partial themed pnp set, spend the money to fix them. Same with the flat rides and coasters already in the game. Fix them before adding more! Fix the games coding as much as possible. Do these things and you'll have a solid base to start over with.
    Imma +1 this! Good post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicart87 View Post
    How would YOU save the RCT Franchise? And RCTW? (if you were head of Atari)
    If I were head of Atari, I don't think I could save RCTW in it's current state unless I had more money, time, and could start from scratch with another development team. One thing off the top of my head is to focus on the planning. It started off great with the coaster builder in the first beta, granted it wasn't amazing, but it was a start that could be improved upon in the second beta. Instead, they opted to silently drop the second beta and tried to accomplish an impossible full release in such a short amount of time, which they couldn't achieve. At this point, development felt very rushed, and they were unable to meet several release dates for the game and in-game features during Early Access.

    I would plan ahead and prepare for Unity's shortcomings, such as the lack of several terrain textures, or the difficulty of implementing voxel terrain. Maybe I'd look at other game engines available that are more capable. Also, I would try to make the good features from previous RCT's top priority, such as movable ride entrances and exits from the start. This could have helped them avoid their current situation where they would have to edit and potentially remodel all the rides to include such a feature, which they deemed too difficult.

    I really like what Frontier did with Planet Coaster's alpha's, gradually adding new features and improving on existing features with feedback. They gave themselves ample time to create a solid foundation for the game, knowing what they were capable of accomplishing during that time. It also gave them time to polish the base game, and then start adding other (sometimes requested) features to the base game.

    There's a quite few other things I want to list, but it's more of what I would have done, rather than what I can do now if I was in charge.

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    Releasing RCTClassic to Steam??? does that mean theres potential for RCTAdvanced?

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